Will Nordstrom Give Refund or Credit?

  1. I have two bags coming from two different Nordstrom stores- one Cambon tote and one Medallion tote. I must choose one and send back the other. Both SA's were very kind and assured me I could return the bag if it was not what I wanted- but I forgot to make sure that I could get a refund, and not just a store credit. Any Nordstrom Chanel shoppers know the answer?
  2. I have never returned a Chanel bag but Nordstrom typically has a great return policy. I know friends who have returned things to Nordstrom a few years later (bad I know) and got cash back.
  3. Yes, they will issue a refund.

  4. Wow! Nordstrom is outrageous for having that 1 year return policy. I would stray away from buying at Nordstrom then because if i were to want something from a past season, chances are the product would be used already! EEEeek..
  5. Nordstrom only sells high quality products. If something is returned and is not in 100% perfect condition, it will not be resold.

    Nordstrom has the best return policy out of any department store. We want our customers to be completely happy with every purchase.

    There are those we abuse our policy, but that is rare.

    And to answer the question, you can receive cash, credit, or in store credit on any return with no time limits.
  6. ^ No time limit?!!!!
  7. oops..the credit store with time limit u mean?
    sorry..its been too late n im a little sleepy..
    i was thinking there's no time limit to refund ur things:p
  8. I don't think Nordstrom has a time limit for returns.

  9. No time limit at all, as long as the product hasn't been used and you have your receipt.
  10. chanelboy!!!
    I have a friend who want to find out how to contact you for purchase of a Chanel bag. She lives in MO.
    Please let me know.
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    Does anyone know Nordstrom's return policy regarding designer bags? If I put cash onto a Nordstrom gift card to originally purchase a bag and I wanted to return it, can I get cash back or will I have to get a store credit back on the Nordstrom gift card which was my original form of payment?

  12. I haven't done it with Chanel bags but i have done it before with other items and they gave me cash back when I requested.
  13. I always thought you got refunded the same way you paid, e.g., Nordstrom card, Amex etc.
  14. It should be whatever you return at Nordstrom (it shouldn't matter if it is designer or not) you can get back in whatever form of payment you want....cash, gift card or credit card. The only thing you may not be able to get with a Chanel bag is cash--I think there is a limit on the amount in terms of cash so it might just depend on the price, but no matter what you should be able to get it back on a card or gift card.
  15. Do you know what the price limit is on returns getting cash back? Would $1500 be too much?