Will NM do a discount or compensation?

  1. I ordered a bag from Burberry collection for my mother, but NM.com sent me a Isabella Fiore instead!!! Now I have to come up with something else, plus I have to drive into the city to go to NM to return the IF bag!!!! I called and they said they'd charge a fee if I return it by mail, and they dont have the Burberry I want in stock anymore...and I have to check for it in-store if I want it...

    Has this kind of thing ever happened to any of you? Did NM ever do a discount or compensation of any kind toward a new purchase or something?
  2. That's unacceptable. I'd keep calling and ask to speak to a manager -- if it was clearly their error and they sent you the wrong bag then they need to eat the return shipping costs and do the legwork of finding the bag you want and send it to you at no shipping cost. Good luck!
  3. I agree, its not your fault that you have been sent the wrong bag, you can tell them to send fed-ex to pick up that IF and you definitely don't need to pay shipping costs!!!That's their problem! Just stand your ground!LAlso, if you don't get the bag you want ,make sure they give you a discount on your next purchase.Good luck!
  4. Yes, call and have them assign a free FedEx pickup.
    They have done it for me before even not with wrong item.
    Mine was a defective stuff.

    I encountered one agent who didn't know NM can arrange FedEx pickup.
    I insisted NM has and I have done it before. She put me on hold and asked her supervisor.
    Then, she arranged a pickup for me.

    Hope it works out for you. :biggrin:
  5. Even K-Mart arranged pickup on an incorrectly delivered item for me!
    And make sure they refund any shipping you paid to get it in the first place.
  6. I once bought a juicy couture hoodie from them and it arrived with a hole! When I called them about it they were already out of stock so could not replace it. They would not exchange it for a different color at the sale price i got. The woman told me I could return it and that I could possibly get an item 20% off but I didnt find anything on the website I wanted. I had to ask for that discount. Maybe ask for a discount on something else? Its a shame that they messed up your purchase like that. I would be very frustrated.
  7. I ordered a juicy wristlet in black, but was sent a pink. I called them and the black was no longer on sale. The SA gave the black to me on sale plus free shipping. I kept the pink anyway along w/ the black :p

    They should be able to do something for you. I'd speak w/ the manager.