Will New enhanced video iPods still fit Old Louis Vuitton Multicolore iPod Cases?

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  1. Hello guys, I recently purchased a new iPod video from Apple and I decided that the Louis Vuitton iPod cases are really the only way to go when It comes to accessories!

    Problem is, I'm hesistant about actually bringing down my iPod to the LV store and see if it fits (somehow images of cheapo backpackers at camping stores trying out the merchandise and bargaining for it at the end, comes to mind).

    I really want the case to be a snug fit for my iPod. I'm no techie and I'm more form over function and stuff like that. But I really would like to know how did the case fit for others in this forum... was it tight?

    Advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. You need the monogram widescreen iPod case!
  3. You should bring your iPod to the store and try it out. There is no shame in that. Almost every bag I have purchased I have tried out in the store, including filling it up with all of my stuff and carrying it around to see how it feels.
  4. That's the reason why I sold my MC iPod Case 3 weeks ago... It did fit, just not perfectly. The LV case made for the Widescreen iPod is the Etui Widescreen iPod Case, currently $250 on eLux and in stores, I believe. Here's a pic... I hope this helps?

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  5. You should realy bring your ipod to the store
  6. I actually had a case custom made by hand for my ipod video at vaja cases. all leather, ur pic of color, and style. and it smells fabulous when you open the box. Hell, it still smells good. craftsmanship is so good i had them make my cell phone case for my razr