Will NEVER Purchase from Fashionphile again - WARNING!

  1. It's a different owner now.
  2. Is it that one guy? I forgot his name, is it Ben? Anyways, I'm not too fond of him.
  3. I just bought two bags from them (1 has been received and the other is still being prepared for shipment) and so far I have no complaints. Just wanted to reassure people that on recent transactions, this particular buyer has been completely satisfied with Fashionphile.

    Though I must add that I have not received a reply on an email inquiry I made on a separate item (not the two just bought).

    Overall, I would keep on buying from Fashionphile. I do not mind the higher price as long as i would not have to worry about fakes. The peace of mind of buying an authentic pre-owned handbag is worth the additional amount I have to pay for bags that I crave.
  4. That's exactly the problem though with fashionphile. You can not count on authenticity. They have been caught too many times listing counterfeit bags. So there is no peace of mind.
  5. Agree completely with CM.
  6. I've had wonderful experiences with yoogiscloset
  7. I have sold to them many of my bags in the past year and they have been terrific! 1 month ago I purchased an Hermes Medor Clutch from them and it was authentic and in pristine condition. The size, however was too small so i sent it back. I received a refund within 24 hours!
  8. I will definitely buy from Fashionphile again. And sell to them too. I dealt with Jessica and she was great with responding to my emails.

    I sent them some pics of some LV items (per their website instrux), they sent back a really decent quote--these bags were given to me by someone that maybe shops a little too much and gets tired of her treasures quickly--so I wasn't out any of my own money. I already had a BV on layaway at FP and used some of the money to pay for that bag and got the rest as a check in about 4 days.

    Also, I earlier had sold another LV item (in nearly new condition) to another well-respected consignor and her quote, for a better bag, was lower than what FP quoted me for the same style, but in slightly used condition (wish I had checked with FP for their quote too--live and learn, I guess). I figure that maybe since FP is also a brick & mortar store, they get walk in business and can charge more, so they can maybe pay out more? I dunno, but I am happy with the amount they gave me and I LOVE my Bottega Veneta-new-to-me bag! :biggrin:
  9. Its always good to hear about positive experiences with sellers.

    Thanks for posting yours,kemelia
  10. The only negative I could mention is that I chose the "slow boat to China" shipping method--trying to save a little moolah during the holidays!!!
  11. I have sold two Gucci bags through Fashionphile and they were fantastic to deal with. I dropped off my bags at their Beverly Hills location and I received checks in the mail as soon as they sold. Everytime I called I spoke to someone on the phone and they were helpful. When I decide to part with another bag in my collection I would sell through Fashionphile in a second.
  12. They have 2 of my bags. The LV sold quickly & I had money in hand in 3 days. The Chanel is moving more slowly but that particular bag would appeal to a specific buyer.
    I'm considering contacting them to sell 2 more bags.
  13. I have sold several bags with them and have 2 on there now. I have also purchased 1 bag. Everything couldn't have gone better.
  14. I just sold a bag on Fashionphile, it sat with them for about 60 days. Their quote even at the lowest range came in much higher than Yoogis so i opted to sell with Fashionphile. However I just received my cheque and it is much lower than the quoted range. I'm not sure if the quoted range that Fashionphile gave me was unrealistic....but I feel a bit cheated :sad:
  15. I have never bought nor purchased on Fashionphile or any other consignment retailer but did you not receive a final number before signing the contract with them? I don't understand the "range" they quoted. Would they not give a $ amount before you agree to list the bag with them? And do they not discount the bags on a tiered scale after a certain period of time has gone by without the bag attracting customers? Is that why your final check was lower than expected? Because it took 60 days to sell?