Will NEVER Purchase from Fashionphile again - WARNING!

  1. I'm not personally impressed with fashionphile at all. Prices too high; quality not as good IRL. I steer clear. Not interested at all in purchasing from this seller. I also know people that have had bad experiences. As in photos retouched and things not nearly as nice when you actually get them.
  2. Yes, it can and has happened. One example stands out in my mind because I helped with it, it was a black Multicolore Speedy. To their credit, they took it down after we reported it to them but still. Someone could have spent nearly close to retail on a fake.

    That's what I thought too, but after I saw the fake listed...yikes.

    I will say though, that I've never personally dealt with them so I have no feelings either way.
    My only experience is that because they're a larger company, their items get so much more $$ than items I put up. I have this one certain bag that I've listed so many times, I can't get more than $600 offers for it (ideally, because of the condition, I would like $750). They've sold the same style repeatedly in worse condition and it has gone for $900 and up. :push:
  3. i'm steering clear as well! thanks!!!
  4. What a headache...sorry that you are dealing with this.
  5. I had nothing but good experience with Sarah Davis from fashionphile, they've been very professional.
  6. Fashionphile is super professional. They list at least 100 handbags per week on eBay. Since they sell (a couple of years now) only one fake slipped in.

  7. Actually, besides the MC, they've been caught with a fake Pap and a fake Fendi, I believe.
  8. Hello all!

    I appreciate the chance to come in here and respond to this thread.

    1. First of all... my response to "canipus", (also CYE), I am very sorry. You are absolutely right. We did not respond to your emails as we should have. Thank you for your patient inquiries. I'm not exactly sure why this happened. I can just say, that we are having a meeting today about this very subject and we will be making some major adjustments to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

    2. We did refund for the Twilly on September 29. We sent the email accepting the return on September 25, got it back the 29th and sent the refund the same day. This should have been a happy ending. All we needed to do was answer your polite question "where is my refund" with a "check your PayPal account, we sent it on the 29th :smile: ". This is our problem. That didn't happen- and we're going to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    3. We do not ever retouch pictures. We try to present our things well... and take a ton of really good pictures- and describe flaws etc. as well. We're not perfect, and if we miss something in the description, and it ends up being less than what you thought it was- please let us know. I can assure you that we didn't do it on purpose. Returns cost us money. But, we'll make it right. We have a great return policy... and are happy to work with you.

    4. We have two authenticators- specialists on each brand- sign off on each and every bag that we sell. As we have grown, we've had to develop our system for ensuring that everything we list has been authenticated by compitent experts on each brand that we accept.

    We revamped our system for check-in twice last year, which started when a MC Speedy was posted on eBay before authentication. The final result is that we now have the first authenticator create the inventory card for the item (so it can't be processed further with out her/his eyes) and then that item is put in que for the second authentication, again- before it ever gets to the area where we do pictures, listings etc. We haven't had a single issue since we developed this system. (And to be fair, we never shipped the bag in question- it was caught before the auction ended and the consignee just had us confiscate it.)

    We again appreciate all of the comments and even criticisms that we get from our buyers and all of you here. Honestly, our business has been better for it, because we are always looking for ways to improve and grow. We need feedback to do that, even if it stings a bit! (I do have to say, thanks to all of you with the sweet, complimentary comments too- you know that warms my :heart: !!!!)

    Thanks again, and my apologies to you Canipus (and anyone else we've been slow to respond to).

    Sarah Davis
  9. I haven't bought from them, but they have always been very helpful in answering questions in about 30 minutes or less. I have even asked them totally random questions that were not even about purchasing a bag and they were extremely helpful.

    Furthermore, when someone sells over 100 bags/week every now and then a fake could slip in. I bought a fake from Saks so it can happen. Someone bought real and returned a fake - who got the better deal!

    I am in no way affiliated with Fashionphile; however, I must comment that you are affecting someone's business with these negative posts. If you haven't checked with your CC company why would you post this? Just because they have an eBay store, as opposed to an individual seller, doesn't make it fair game to trash them. We don't do this to everyday sellers like you and me do we? I really think it should be a private matter between you and the seller.
  10. I will only speak for myself on this, but I appreciate knowing that they are slow on emails. As long as what she wrote isn't untrue I don't believe there is anything wrong with posting this message. While I firmly believe there are two sides to any story and one bad review (which is kind of what this is, a review of the OP's buying experience) wouldn't necessarily deter me from buying. However, the OP wasn't the only one who posted she experienced slow communication.

    We have many people who post their good and bad buying experiences for boutique, dept. store, and eBay/online transactions. Should everyone keep their bad experiences to themselves in case it hurts the bottom line of a company?

    Again, for me, as long as the OP didn't lie or write this in a malicious nature to negatively impact the website's business I am okay with the post. We trash eBay sellers for slow communication and more here everyday, not sure why fashionphile should be treated with kid gloves if the slow communication is in fact true.

    Just my $0.02...

    ***about the CC, while I agree I think the OP's main point was bad communication so whether or not she called her CC company to see if the refund was posted it was an issue to repeated no/slow response. Sometimes it takes a week to credit back on a card (in my experience) so confirmation that the refund was processed by the company gives reassurance it should post soon.
  11. Zuzu, Thanks for your post. I do have to admit, that this seller did send multiple emails to us trying to figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, in their effort to address it privately, and we didn't respond. We're trying to figure out why that happened... but it looks like coming here, we at least were able to get notification that there was a problem.

  12. Very classy response! Sarah, you are a savvy business Woman!
  13. I agree that we all have the right to our own opinions and to post them here, and we do just that. Fashionphile admitted that there was slow communication. I posted my opinion as you posted your opinion.

    Please do not make assumptions of my post. No where in the words I typed did I say, or anybody else say, that we need to treat Fashionphile with kid gloves. Again, I was just speaking my mind.


  14. Ditto.

    And I'm glad Fashiophile and the OP are working it out. Mostly I'm glad that this seller, unlike our friends at the bay, realizes how important it is to respond to people's concerns, directly, and strive to improve in whichever way possible. I hope the actions will match the words.
  15. Those are my words, I did not attribute them to you or anyone else. I was personally making the point that we discuss and write negative reviews about lots of sellers and Fashionphile should be treated no differently as long as what was stated by the OP was accurate.

    That was my opinion based on what you and everyone else wrote. :yes: