Will my large black Sabrina's leather soften?

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  1. I just bought my first Coach bag in over 10 years - a brand new Coach Madison Lge Sabrina. This bag is gorgeous! My question tho, is will this leather "soften" up and relax/stretch a little with time? It puddles really nicely but there's a bit of rigidity to the leather too...hope that makes sense? Thanks...:heart:
  2. yep, it will. my teal is extremely soft after daily use. But the very side bottoms have retained their shape nicely.
  3. Probably...my pink Sabrina was soft to begin with but it is even softer now...same for my Julianne. I think this is typical of Madison leather :yes:
  4. I agree. I have had mine since December, and it has softened up nicely.
  5. Yup it will, I have a small black and tan and they are both a little softer but still nicely shaped.
  6. Yes it will soften with time, the more you use it, the softer it will become.
  7. Thanks, ladies!
  8. Glad 2 hear that. I am so in love with my tan one
  9. I'm glad to hear that too. I hope I get one someday. I love a leather bag that "breaks in" (is that the right word?) that softens and get smooshy. I must get one now!!