Will my CL's stretch?

  1. I just got my Simple pump, regular leather heels, but they feel tight and they show my toe cleavege, is this normal?
  2. My simple pumps seemed to have stretched a bit as I've worn them. They are still the tiniest bit tight in the toe box, but not uncomfortably so. But, I have pretty wide feet too..
  3. When I first wore mines, they felt REALLY tight. after a couple wears, they stretched about 1/2 a size. very comfortable!!
  4. Toe cleavage is normal for CL shoes :yes:
  5. I just got mine today and they are a little tight, but not uncomfortable tight. I plan to start wearing them tomorrow so they can start the stretching process.

    P.S. They do show toe cleavage.
  6. mine did not stretch very much. Ive learned that if it doesnt feel comfy when you wear it in the store, they wont feel comfy when you wear it on the street. :smile:
  7. mine stretched after a couple of wears.