Will my 25 ever "loosen up" and sag a little?

  1. Ok odd question I know. I have a semi-new mono speedy 25 and I LOVE it (I am sure most of you know that by now). I love the size and all but I when I see some 30's I have "sag envy"!! Do any of you have a speedy 25 on the older side - does it sort of loosen up and sag at all? I find myself almost pushing the air out of it when I use it to flatten it up. I am not really a structured-bag type of person but I really do love this bag. Ok.....done with my odd little post! :s
  2. I have both the 25 and 30 and the less you put in it the more it will sag. I don't think its about age
  3. the 30 will sag more then the 25 just due to size. But the more you use your bag the softer the canvas will get and it will start to sag but not like the 30. Also it depends on what you have in your bag. If you have larger items it might not sag as much, compared to you having small items.
  4. I'm glad you asked this question since I was wondering if there was something wrong with my mono speedy 25 since it dosen't sag. :s But I keep it pretty full, I've had it about a year.
  5. I ,too, love the sag.
    I just push the air out of my bag, and carry only a few things to increase the sag factor. Carrying one small, heavy thing among the rest of your things increases the sag as well.
  6. The more you use it the softer the canvas will become. I'm learning that with my BH.
  7. Strange. I always though sag was a pretty ugly thing for a bag to develop and I would be really happy if it just stayed the way it was. I sometimes even put extra items in my KEEPALL to keep its shape more "proper". =P

  8. I know, it is kind of funny how some ppl love the sag and others do whatever they can to not have it. I just like the casual look of the sag. :shame:
  9. I put a catalogue in the bottom of my speedy 25 to keep its shape...sag doesn't really float my boat. Mine came folded with sharp creases, and that took carrying it out full quite a few times for the creases to go away.
  10. Hmm I would think it might come with time. My Mono MC Speedy 30 doesn't sag at all but the MC Speedy is more structured than the other speedies because of the hardware on the corners. I like it that way though!
  11. My damier speedy took about two months of 4-5/day-a-week use before it loosened up. It just needs time! I thought the creases from when it was packed flat in the box would never go away!
  12. Thanks for your replies gals!
  13. --mine also... my mono is about 4yrs++++? and it doesnt sag.. I guess it also depends on how much you use it or what you put in it.....:confused1: plus I always put cardboard under...
  14. i saw an older woman at a diner with a speedy 25. it was WELL LOVED, and it LOOKED great- super beat up and well used, and i think that, with time and use, your bag will develop the same 'casual' appearance! i'm sure the bag looks great on you!!!
  15. Awww thanks girlie. That is sort of the look I am trying to achieve and I know it will probably take years! I love that bag but like it better not so structured. In a few years I will probably be posting "how can I make my saggy speedy more structured?!" ;)