Will MJ NYC authenticate a bag?

  1. Anyone have any experience...I'm going ot call them too ...

    I rather not start shipping this bag everyone to get authenticated.
    Mypoupette - anyone use - reliable??
  2. Probably not...MJ boutiques will usually only assist you with items purchased from them directly...

    You might find quicker & better answers to this in Authenticate This MJ...
  3. You could always try to find a nice SA at a dept store who can authenticate the bag for you too, but I think mypoupette is the easier way to go, it's generally accepted by paypal, etc.
  4. I've called them before to authenticate a bag and the person happily assisted me over the phone. Or, if you could go down to the store, you could show them the item. I would maybe say that it was gift from one of the department stores or something and you just wanted to verify the authenticity. When I'm in the NYC Soho, I deal with a woman named Gabrielle and she's quite nice so maybe ask for her. Best of luck!
  5. MyPoupette is definitely accepted by paypal?

    I would go down to the store but the weather is so bad today.

    Would I need to provide a written statement or just someone's name and phone number - if I say it is a gift from someone - they might get suspicious when I ask to use them as a reference or sign a typed out statement.

    what do u think?
  6. It is my understanding that Paypal wants a written and signed statement from a professional (i.e. MJ or My Poupette) on letterhead.
  7. I'd go with mypoupette. I've heard that eBay accepts their verification re: authenticity.

    ETA: I also believe you just send in detailed photos of the bag instead of shipping the bag to them. Especially if it's obvious that it's a fake...if you have great photos and send them an email, they may be able to do it that way. I think they only charge $25.
  8. mypoupette is the way to go as i think MJ will only provide a word of mouth thing...