Will MCM bags make a comeback

I remember seeing a few MCM bags in the late 1980s when I went to college in Ohio. The girls from the Midwest cities seem to be really into them, but they never quite took off on the East Coast.

If you love your bag, then wear it! So many women these days are carrying the same bags, you will definitely stand out. And if anyone ask, you can say your bag is "vintage". :amuse:

I live in Maryland (born and raised) they were hot back in the 80's :yes: although I was a kid at the time :lol:
What a blast from the past!!!! I remember the brown/leather logo handbags (shaped kind of like a speedy) from when I was in school in the 80's here in Texas. The MCM's were around, I remember thinking they were pretty cool looking bags, but then Dooney and Bourke Drawstring Bucket bags came and took over my school!

I'd carry one if I had it..........and to whoever posted the black one with the logo that someone brought them........that bag is TOOO cute!
how funny, I just pulled mine out from the closet where it's been sleeping for the past 10 yrs.! I was thinking about selling it and thought I'd take it for one last spin today before putting it up for auction, but I found that I still like it and it really hasn't gone out of style. It's amazing how well these bags hold up. It still looks amazingly new, except for a few scratches on the hardware. He did make a good quality bag. I don't know how the new ones hold up, but they seem to be popping up in stores again. There are some cute styles. I may have to keep this one for awhile longer.
They even opened a store in the New York Plaza Hotel, first floor! Brooke Shields, Eugena Washington, and other celebs attended the opening too. They have the vintage visetos bags and other really trendy ones :smile:
Funny...I saw the title of this thread yesterday but didn't open it and have never heard of MCM before. Today while in the car, I was listening to the radio and there was a song that mentioned this brand---complete coincidence. The "rapper" was talking about LV and another (I forgot), then mentioned MCM ... and I thought of this thread to make sure and check it out... and then he also rapped about Perry Ellis perfume. Hahaha. Flashback.. not for me, it was the first time I've heard the song.. now I'm going to ask my DJ husband if he knows the song, if not, I have to go searching, it had a nice beat.