Will MCM bags make a comeback

Interesting. Are they hot in Europe?
Definitely not in the part of Europe where I live and travel (France, Belgium, England and Italy). Can't even remember of having seen them in the past (stretching back to the 80's...), but their 2006 collection looks a lot like a cross between the old Gucci and L.A.M.B.
I had two of the older versions of MCM and just recently sold both. I loved the fact they were all leather, not canvas.

Below is the MCM Speedy in Cognac, now owned by another tPF'er.


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I spent some time last year looking for a decent, small, fun, not for everyday but more as a "conversation piece" MCM bag. Then got bored and moved on. I don't think they will ever be really back in fashion outside of an ironic, for fun way.

Vintage, of course.
Another tPFer bought one of the newer MCM bags. It was cute! I always look at them on Bloomies. I wouldn't mind having one someday. I especially like the "speedy" style with the stripes and the lion.
I have an MCM bag that my dad got me as a gift from Denmark. Probably not something I would have picked for myself, but it's cute!

I can't see MCM bags being revived. My cousin was SO into these bags. Her mom drove all the way to Atlanta (8 hours) just to go to Lenox and get her a MCM bag. She still has it years later and it look great, but I don't think too many people would find it appealing.