Will MCM bags make a comeback

I was wondering the same thing. I saw my first MCM bag last year and I kind of liked it. My older cousin showed me her MCM bag that her mother bought her when she was in college. So it was around the 80's I believe. They took one day to drive all the way to Lenox in Atlanta to get the bag which she said was SO popular then. We live on the East Coast in NC so popularity wasn't just in the North apparently. :smile: Her bag was really nice. The bag was white with the MCM logo in navy blue and then it retailed for $400.00. That bag still looks good to this day.
Oh my god, MCM! I never had one, but I'm originally from the NY area, and all my trendy friends had this bag. It was big back then. Especially seen around the Russian crowd - they were always trying really hard to be "rich" looking with really expensive designer names! I say if you love it wear it! The 80's are back - Enjoy your bag!
I had one back in the day and at the time it was my most expensive bag-I absolutely loved it wish I still had it, they were very popular in Florida and got tins of compliments on it when I went home for visits (NY) too! I would def rock that bag if I had it and in fact am looking on ebay now to see if my old one is there:wlae:
I remember seeing some at the Korean duty free shop at the airport and had a chance to examine them up close. They're very well made and classy although a tad pricey.
For those of us not quite in the know, is this the purse of topic: MCM Purse ?

Very cute, and I can absolutely see carrying it today. :yes:

Yes!! That's it. Seeing it makes me remember how cute I always thought the logo was:love:

Bagluv, that's so funny about your perfume...apparently it's very trendy for someone -- whoever was swiping yours!
But everything vintage 80's seems to be making a comeback -- and the eighties were glory years for MCM, so I bet your bag will actually seem really trendy (NOT, of course that trendy should matter if you love it:flowers: )

I agree. :yes: Vintage and antique is very trendy, so are Greco-Roman fashions (draping jersey dresses etc.) and so are the '80s.

I'd carry it now, if I were you! :biggrin:
MCM wow. That takes me back. Loved MCM, I have 3. Very big in the 80's in the DC area. The round bags with tassles is sooo cute. You should definitely wear you bag now and always. I remember seeing a pic of some celebrity a few months ago with one (can't remember details).
Wow, I haven't thought of those in years. Towards the end of their run here, they even had an MCM outlet store in Potomac Mills mall. I still remember the Cindy Crawford ads for them. Back then, I was still working my way up to Liz Claiborne (the embossed logo bags!) and was years away from my first Coach, let alone LV and the like.
Wow! This brings back memories! I loved MCM! Crazy about it in the 90s, I remember Cindy Crawford was the face of MCM. I have three bags, one which is the cute one with tassles, all are black with gold hardware. I even had an MCM black polo t!!! I know they're somewhere in my "no-longer-in-use" closet. Maybe it's time to take them out....
Of all the bags I've owned over the years, my MCM bag was my very favorite! I carried it in the early to mid 80s, and I'm in the southeast. I bought it at a small upscale department store called 'Jacobsons' may it rest in peace. Despite my aversion to the in-your-face logo'd bags, I bought this one, which had MCM head to toe. But it was black on black, so not at all obvious. The bag was a coated silk (not dressy looking) and wore like iron. I don't think I ever noticed anyone else carrying one, which suited me as I don't care for what some refer to as 'classic' bags. I wish I could get my hands on another one just like it!