Will MCM bags make a comeback

I remember seeing a few MCM bags in the late 1980s when I went to college in Ohio. The girls from the Midwest cities seem to be really into them, but they never quite took off on the East Coast.

If you love your bag, then wear it! So many women these days are carrying the same bags, you will definitely stand out. And if anyone ask, you can say your bag is "vintage". :amuse:
Yeah I remember reading this book and the girl was from NY and the other girl was from a state below or around there like Baltimore or Philly I cant remember. And she was calling the girl country for still rocking her MCM bag. I think if you like it roll with it.
I say carry your MCM Bag... It is all in how YOU "rock it"... wear it and wear it well.... To be honest I have been scouring EBAY trying to find one..... I think that is totally stupid to stop carying a designer bag that you paid good money for because someone says it is out of style... MCM was big in the Midwest and I believe on the West coast as well.
I Love MCM!!! I Always Have. The Late 80's & Early 90's Were Probably Their Biggest Time In The US. In The Mid To Late 90's They Stopped Selling Them In The US. All The Stores Closed Except In Germany Where They Were Made.

They Were Very Big The Northeast ~ My Family & Friends (In NY & Boston)....All Wore Them. I Loved The Boutique (Newbury St, Boston). I Got Quite A Few In Bloomingdales Chestnut Hill & Manhattan.

One Summer In The Early Ninties ~ I Spend A Lot Of Time In Newport, RI....So Many Girls Wearing Them!

My Favorite Is The Black On Black ~ Just Gorgeous!!!!!!
I remember MCM! I didn't have a bag, but I LOVED their signature perfume in the early nineties. I was sad when I couldn't find it anymore.

I actually liked the whole concept of their name as much as anything else -- I love the turn of the century and liked the way they called one of their perfumes 1900 instead of using the roman numerals, "MCM". Also, I was in high school when I first encountered the brand, and "mcm" are my initials:P

But everything vintage 80's seems to be making a comeback -- and the eighties were glory years for MCM, so I bet your bag will actually seem really trendy (NOT, of course that trendy should matter if you love it:flowers: )
^MandM ~ When I Just Read Your Post I Ran To Go Look.....I Do Have An MCM Perfume. It's MCM "Blue Paradise" Eau De Parfum Natural Spray & It's Still In The Box. I Went To Give To My Husband To Smell & It Looks Like Someone Has Been Using It (I Had It A Long Time). Maybe My Sister Or A Sorority Sister?????
OMG!! You really took me back with this post. I forgot about MCM bags. I remeber everyone had to have a MCM bag back in the late 80's & I'm from the westcoast. I was in Junior high so needless to say my mom wouldn't get me one. I say carry what you love. I change purses everyday to match my heels. I only wish they could all be the latest "IT" bag.
Never say never I don't know they might.
When I moved to Paris in the end of the 80 ties Gucci was really has been, Tom Ford totally changed the concept and today we buy bag's that look like in 70 ties.

Personally I had an MCM in the late 70 ties (was about 10 back then). My mom had several but personally I don't like logo print that much.