Will mastic get dirty?

  1. I'm on the hunt for my first B-bag. I want a city and I've waitlisted for the violet, but just in case I don't want a purple bag (I'm a little afraid of colored bags), I'm leaning towards mastic. Do you think it will get dirty, and worn out easily? I saw plomb, it didn't do much for me, and I'm not on the market for another dark brown bag. There are not too many choices in the new collection, so maybe I picked the wrong time to get obssessed about B-bags.
  2. Yes it will get dirty easily. I had the FW 06 Camel and that thing...let me tell you, not pretty! :shocked: And I only used it a handful of times.
  3. Oh no! Thanks for letting me know. I guess I'm leaning more towards violine now, unless I chicken out and get plomb.
  4. Honestly, I would hate to deter you from buying such a gorgeous color but Mastic just won't hold up as an everyday bag (my Sandstone is already showing signs of wear and I've only used it a handful of times).
  5. Why don't you try Tabac? I just posted pics of my new Tabac First, here. It would be a fantastic first bbag for you. Neutral and wearable everyday!
  6. Yikes. I'm lame. I just realized that you already posted in the thread listed above.

    Okay, How about black? Black is always a classic.
  7. I have 2003 s/s Mastic, and it is pretty but it DOES get dirty so easily..
    It's so old now so the handle is so so dirty, and it has so many stains here and there...
    I just ignore and carry around everywhere.
    Bal NY says they can't do anything about it, and told me that I should accept it as it is.

    So it does get dirty, but I still love the bag.
    I am glad that I had it for so long...and my friends say that they like it that it's old and dirty and got its own character.
  8. OMG, so do I!!!!!!!!! I think you're the first person I came across who has the 03SS Mastic...which style do you have? Mine is First:heart:

    She's right, it gets dirty very easily.... I didn't want mine getting extremely dirty, so I didn't carry mine much(didn't bring it with me to Sydney), but it does show some signs of wear. The color is so light that it shows EVERYTHING!!!!!!

    I don't recommend getting it as an everyday bag.
  9. I have to disagree. It depends on many things. I spray ALL of my light colored bags with Apple Guard. 3 coats, then repeat once a month with one coat. I have white bags that I have carried for 2-3 years and they have no stains, no dark handles, etc.
    I carried my natural for 2 months straight, every day, not a mark on it, looks brand new. My sandstone is flawless too and I have carried it a lot. I changed yesterday and I am carrying my white. I will carry it all summer off and on. I will take pics in the fall and show you that you can keep a white bag clean if you protect it with the Apple Guard. So It depends on the user, how you treat your bags and many other factors.
  10. HEllo Tooshies,
    mine is first too!!! we have the same bag!:smile:
    That was my first B-bag...

    and powderpuff100, I agree with you.
    Back then I didn't know anything about how to protect my bag, and I am pretty new here ( PF) !
    I recently learn lots of things here :smile:
    It's just too late to clean my old bag now...
  11. I've been using my Sandstone practically every day since I got her [about 3 months ago] and she has no signs of wear whatsoever. I haven't sprayed her with anything - I've just used LMB Handles Only on the handles and that's it. I'm pretty careful with her, but not obsessive.