Will Macy's be getting Vacanze?

  1. do any of you happen to know if Macy's will be getting that print in o.o? because i dont know if i should wait and find it there (possibly risk them not getting it) or just ordered it from pulse...

    thanks in advance ^__^!
  2. I *think* Macy's will be getting Vacanze. I know there was a rumor before Tutti came out that Macy's would not be getting it, or Trasporto, but we now know that's not true. So I think it makes sense that they will be getting it.
  3. im pretty sure they are, someone else posted here that their macys said they'd be getting it in on the 25th of oct. but that SA could have been wrong

    i hope they get it, i dont know what bag style i want in V ill need to see um first :borg:
  4. iono if i should wait and use my mom's discount or just buy it... hMm
  5. I hope they get it, too... then I can just ask my aunt for a giftcard to Macy's when Christmastime rolls around, and I can get a little bag in Vacanze :p
  6. Well it's totally on an inidividual store level. The Chicago State Street store had AS, Pirata & L'Amore. Then they got Spiaggia months after it came out. Now they have nothing. And no other Macy's in the Chicago & Suburban area has any at all. Who can tell.
  7. macy's SF will. the lss rep there showed me all the prints they'd be getting, vacanze was one of them.
  8. well macys here has gotten up to tutti... i havent been to spectrum lately so i dont know if they have trasporto or not :3 i should go check this weekend...

    if you had the choice would you...
    A) get your vacanze bag now (no shipping and tax free)
    B) wait, but then get 20% off (gotta pay tax though... so you save like 25 bucks)

    i dont know if i should wait or not xD
  9. Macy's at the spectrum does have Trasorto. They had a really great Stellina too! I wanted to buy it so bad, but I already have a Ciao and a Gioco. So I left it there on the shelf,:sad:.

    And with this being the last print, I'm not sure what the demand might be. If you want a bag that most stores get then wait. But if you want something like a Ciao or Denaro which seem to go quickly then I maybe get it now.
  10. ^ oh awesome. well i was going to buy a zucca or gioco... macys always seems to have plenty of those... I'll wait and see if pulse has any print placements i really really like, if not i can wait ^__^