Will Lysol damage designer shoes?

  1. So I just won off of eBay some juicy couture zoe shoes, that she said was only worn one time, and its the only reason i actually bid on them becuase the pictures show she obviously barely wore them. But anyways, i was wondering if i spray them with lysol, will it hurt them in anyway? oops not hurt them, damage them in anyway? You can never be to careful and i want to kill any germs if there are any before i wear them haha :p
  2. Hm well, I got some boots from the salvation army last year (they were definitely all leather but had no brand on them, so they weren't designer), and sprayed the insides with lysol and it discolored the leather (on the inside only luckily.. and I stopped when I noticed it!). So you might want to test out a drop of lysol on a hidden part before you spray the whole thing.
  3. I use it in my daughters UGGS...LMAO.....(they smell reallllllly bad!)

    no probs here!
  4. Maybe you should try using rubbing alcohol instead. Test a spot first. It shouldn't damage it since that is what is applied to help stretch shoes and will kill germs.

    We try on shoes all the time at stores with other people trying them on before us. So I wouldn't worry to much about it.
  5. i have some of that maybe i might try that when they come in. im just excited my first designer shoes :smile:
  6. Are you talking about the spray Lysol that you are supposed to spray on doorknobs and such to kill "99.9%" of the germs? I doubt that would hurt them, it seems to be pretty gentle. But, I wouldnt use regular cleaning Lysol on them, now that stuff is strong!
  7. How about anti-bacterial baby wipes? That's what I use on mine pretty much after every use and no issues yet.
  8. ^ that's a good idea! Anything for babies should be super gentle.

    I agree with others though, whatever you decide to use, try it out on just a tiny spot to see if there's any affects (discoloration, wrinkling, etc.) before trying it out everywhere else. Let the test spot dry to see what the end result will look like (as it may only discolor, etc. when it's dried).
  9. i was talking about the spraying kind like they spray in bowling shoes haha
  10. I use lysol disinfecting wipes on the inside of my shoes all the time and it doesn't hurt them a bit. I think that I have also used other spray cleaners like 409 or method with good results, but only on the inside- never the outside. Lysol wipes are what I would recommend though because they do a good job without the risk of chemicals getting anywhere else on the shoe or getting it too wet. Congrats on your shoes!
  11. for the insoles? it should be alright
  12. I spray lysol in my running sneakers, and if you spray too much it will leave the lysol smell inside the shoes.
  13. :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:
    Love babywipes... most leather furniture experts told me to use them... their secret weapon.