Will LVs in Canada ship items to you?

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  1. Will the LV boutiques in Canada ship items to you? Does it make a difference how much the item is? (ie: will they ship smaller things as well?)
  2. Yup they will, via Fedex. For a speedy 30, I think they told me $25 for regular shipping (5-10 days?), then its $40 for 2-3 days, and $90 (?) for overnight. I'm not 100% on the figures but it's around that, and this is from Calgary to Kelowna. Not sure if they vary the prices by destination. I'm sure they'll ship smaller items too.
  3. Thank you!
  4. will they convert the money or we have to..i was thinking about ordering my items from canada too and shipped to the usa
  5. ^ I'd think your credit card company will do that for you automatically when they charge your card, no?

    Arty MM $1350 Cdn Vs. $1400 USD (from LV.com)
    Epi Speedy 25 $990 Cdn Vs. $1000 USD

    If you order from LV stores in Alberta, they will add additional 5% sales tax. (lowest in Canada)

    I'd say if your state charges more than 7.5% sales tax, you'll still come out ahead by ordering from Alberta, Canada (even with shipping and exchange rate).

    Not sure if LV stores in Canada will ship them to US, that would be very nice if they do. ;)
  6. It is my understanding that LV Canada will ship within Canada but not to the US. I may be wrong but I looked into it a while ago for another forum member and they said 'no'.
  7. I was curious about this option, too, ordering LV items from Canada and having them sent to me here in the US. Moments ago, I spoke with two different SA at the 866 LV and they said that they can not able to ship online orders from Canada to the US. No international shipping period (initally asked about Germany to US and then called back a second time to inquire about Canada to US).

    Has anyone had success in ordering something from Canada and had it shipped to the US? And if so, was it via calling a store in Canada direct and then having it shipped to the US or calling your local SA and ordering it through them and having it shipped to the US?
  8. I was in the Yorkdale LV today and asked about this (see my thread "Speedy Alert") and they said they would slip anywhere in Canada but not to the US or overseas.