Will LV replace zipper pulls? Vernis cles people come in please.

  1. I just noticed that all of my vernis cles have tarnished zipper pulls, even the framboise one I havent used yet. Does LV use cheap hardwear? I got a new perle heart purse, never used and the zipper looks tarnished, I guess the back and forth of zipping it a few times is enough to remove the brass coating. Some people have used brasso to clean thier hardwear, will that only eat off more of the brass coating? I know they are not solid brass, hence the chipping you see on some brass peices. I just dont like the look of a worn zipper next to a new peice, would they replace the zipper for me? And does anyone else have the same problem, maybe I am too picky ? I dont know. Thanks
  2. its very common. you can polish it a little and it looks slightly better. not sure if they will replace it.
  3. What should I polish it with? I am scared to use the brasso.
  4. The brasso just shines it up. You should put some on a soft cloth and polish it that way, it'll be fine. I've polished up my locks before using brasso. :yes:
  5. Yes, the hardware is, to me, one of the weaknesses in LV, in that it's plated and not full brass. Once the plating is gone, the polish isn't going to make a difference. :s

    They would not replace the zipper, but perhaps the zipper pull: never hurts to ask.
  6. Yes , it should be full brass. Or plated better. Wears to quick on some peices.
  7. I would take it to your LV store and ask. They may replace it!
  8. I think if it bothers you that much you should ask. I was upset about my lock and the SA told me that's just how they get it. She thought I was stupid for buying a new lock. Whatever!
  9. I'm having the same problem with my mono cles zipper pull, the chain and hook are perfect, the actually zipper is good but its the damn zipper pull!!!! I want to replace it! I bet they'd replace it... I just wonder how much and how long it'd take?
  10. I think you can get the zipper replaced - there's someone selling a Cles on here that's had the zipper replaced, from memory.
  11. Yeah the chipping is inevitable - its happened to all my cles, although the MC one is surpisingly durable (it's got a flatter surface).
  12. I now to replace the Pochette accessories it cost $60 dollars to replace.
  13. It happened to my friend's mini pochette within a year of her buying it. They replaced the zipper and the pull for her free of charge. That SA was really nice. Hope you can get them to do the same!