~*Will LV replace the front pocket on my white MC speedy?...*~

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  1. ...even if it's only for aesthetic purposes, and not because it's defective? I.e. would they allow me to request it to be 'swapped' (for a charge) with a pocket that had say, a pink and black LV, or 2 purple LVs? Because on the whole, I :heart:love:heart: my white MC speedy to bits, but I'm finding myself always choosing to carry other bags over it purely because of the 1 green LV that's currently occupying the front pocket!!! It's just really starting to nag at me - and it's upsetting to know I've lost love over a problem that could easily be fixed.

    If you think they'd allow this however, do you know what the cost would be (about)?

    Many thanks :flowers:
  2. Call them and ask :yes:

    No clue whether they'd do it and how much that would be. I expect not too cheap.
  3. highly unlikely. you should've just exchanged it for a better colour combo at the boutique when you bought it.
  4. I don't think they would. Because they may have to waste a certain amount of canvas to get your preferred color combo maybe. You could just get it repaired and *hope* that you get your color combo, but you'd probably have to have a damaged front pocket, and seeing as you don't idk...
  5. Unless it's defective I don't think they would do it for purely aesthetic purposes! You can always sell it and hunt for another one.
  6. OR, you could make a defect on the pocket. You'd have to pay for a new one anyways.

    I would've found it weird if they wouldn't replace it as long as you pay for it, if they would do if if it's scratched etc.
  7. I am picky about my color combo too, but not THAT picky! I am sure your bag is beautiful! Use it and LOVE it!
  8. Yeah I agree...