Will LV heat stamp the same area?

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  1. Aloha Friday Everyone!
    Does anyone know if LV will heat stamp over a faded one?
    my neverfull pm had my intials JD but with the way I kind of threw her around (I have the DE, and I act like she wont break or tear :nogood: ) the heat stamp started to "peel"
    it was annoying me so I took a paper clip and lightly scratched off the rest of the color.
    Has anyone tried to go back and get it done again? over the same area?

    having the "J" by itself is starting to annoy me as well!
  2. Good question. I would like to know too. Sorry op I could not be of any help
  3. Aloha my little Wahine!

    I'm unaware if they will do that also, but I can see how that would be annoying... Let us know once you find out!
  4. Agreed- good question. I always wondered myself....do you have a special SA you could call/email?
  5. good morning ladies!
    I have not asked my usual SA just yet... actually I did not even think of that!
    im going to do that now.
    see! that's why I go to TPF first.. our ohana always gives great advice!