Will LV fans hurt me?


Feb 24, 2006

I've been reading this forum for a while and have finally decided to post. I'm saddened that this post is merely focused on a simple $40 handbag, but at the same time I'm very new to the purse addiction. Baby steps, right?

A small background: I graduated almost one year ago from college and I want to get a new purse to celebrate. While I have a fun and otherwise awesome job, I have a small spending stipend and wish to find something I'll have fun with but won't break my piggy bank. Here's what I'm looking for: Something fun, maybe satchelish, black/tan/red combo definitely a plus, and under $300.

Guess my surprise when I found something that matched that description! However, I'm a little terrified of LV fanatics chasing me down and flailing me with their authentic bags.... What do you guys think? Will my life indeed be safe?

I think you'll be safe :amuse: For the last few years my everday bag was a blue puma shoulder bag. I finally replaced it and I think its time for that bag to go in the trash :weird: Its pretty ratty after all this time.
Wow, thanks for the prompt responses! :biggrin: It seems that my interests have already moved on, and now I'm looking at other beauties... ah, the love of a purse can be such a fickle thing.

I'm rather confused. I've been carrying the same purse on and off for 3 years and I just suddenly snapped. I can't wait to get something new, but I'm having the hardest time finding something that's perfect. :suspiciou I think it's the impending tax return looming about. While I think it'd be fantastic to have a $1000 handbag, I don't want to spend all that money and hate my purchase 3 minutes later.

Anyway, if you guys see anything adorable that catches your eye, share the love. I'm still on the hunt.
What a cute bag! Don't worry, no one will hurt you here :smile:. One of my favorite bags is a tote from PayLess! It was on sale for $8.00!!! I love my Paddy, Hogan, and LV's; but sometimes something just catches your eye.

Enjoy your bag.