Will LV at Bloomies SF Give me a box for my cles??

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  1. End of December I bought a new cles and pochette accessories. There were only 2 people working as it was near closing at the SF Bloomies. As I was choosing my items I informed the female SA that my wapity did not have a box and asked for one. She said no as "there is only one set box per LV item and if she gave me a box then that item would not have one." (I know thats BS!) I looked at the male SA and he said it was alright. When I got home she had given me the pochette in the box and put the cles in the wapity box!

    So instead of giving me an extra box for the wapity.... she just didn't give me a box for the cles. I know, it sounds like a miniscule thing to fret over but I am one of those people who likes to have a dustbag and box for each item.The purchase date was 12/28. At first I thought I'd just forget about it but the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get. I spent over $400 that day and as little for lv as that might be I feel for that amount I should get a box. If I go back will they give me a box for the cles or will they hassle me and not give me a box as I know sometimes they are ridiculously strict?

    Should I just forget about? Or should I go in determined to get my box? If it's the later would it be better to just say I got home and was not given a box for it or should I tell the whole wapity box story? Thanks in advance everyone. I know. its miniscule, but it sort of bugs.
  2. you should have a box for the cles, as far as i know all cleses come with a box. get it back, i would. i will go mad too if i know i should get a box but didnt get one.

    i love the box its like a little jewellery box.
  3. for that much money you should be happy satisfied with your purchase!
  4. go back and ask for a box - you paid enough for that
  5. i would deffinatly march myself back there and explain like it was an accident, "oh see my SA forgot to give me a box, how silly lol!" they may do it then if they think it is their fault. Give it a try, whats the worse that could happen??

    remember they sell luxury goods and are there to make you the customer happy :smile:
    let us know how you get on!
  6. Get the box.
  7. i didnt get a box for my speedy! :O
    but i cant go back it was nearly a YEAR ago :O wow! gone fast! and it was from paris!
  8. The box should come with your cles. So you should definitely ask for a box. Don't let this thing get to you. It happened to me once at the boutique, but at that time they're in the process of changing a giftbox from epi pattern to the current style. So the SA didn't give me a giftbox with my purchase. But a month later, I went to the same boutique and asked for one, the other SA just gave me one without any hassle.
  9. you should go and ask. the worst they can say is no. and honestly when i was in the soho store the other day i saw when she put my bandeau in a box and there were 100s of boxes! omg just tons! i'm sure they have more than they need- so i dont know why they say no so often.

    i think it's lke when i worked at a diner and i was in a rotten mood and people would ask me for extra ketchup so i would give them like 2 packets. i could give them handfuls but i just didnt feel like it. lol
  10. I Moved to the USA from England 3 months back, all my bags I had purchased in England did not have boxes and also my purses had no dust bags just boxes and tissue paper.

    When I started buying here I was suprised to get boxes each time and passed comment on it and my SA here gave me a huge bag full of extrea boxes and dust bags.

    You must have got a not so nice SA, Id go back and ask for your box.
  11. Definetly go back and ask for a box!!!!!!!!!
  12. box!
  13. I would have called right then...she knows what she did and that's just wrong!
  14. Go get that box!!
  15. Yeah, I say go back and ask for a box. Even though that means trekking downtown, and it can be a pain with parking!