Will Louis VUITTON repair preloved items?

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  1. I bought my Bloomsbury last summer preloved. The owner never used her and the date code was made the 5th week of 2015. There is some threading coming out and it's really bothering me. Does Louis Vuitton repair on bags that you did not buy in store?

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  2. Yes. You just take it in and an associate will look over it and give you a quote. You don't need receipt as long as it is authentic. I purchased a preloved speedy and took it in without receipt and they sent it in for repair right away. It took like a month to get it back.
  3. OK great thanks so much! I guess I will need to take a road trip. The closest store is 2 hours away. I appreciate your response!
  4. Just cut the thread! I wouldn't send the bag for repair for that! Waste of time and money in my opinion.
  5. I actually had that same problem with my 5 year old Speedy and took it in to LV last week and they were able to look up the receipt on the computer and just gave me a new bag! Idk if they would be able to do the same for you since you don't have proof of purchase but they did say it was "unfixable" which is why they just gave me a new one. Good luck!
  6. So I'm a bit irritated with LV right now. I purchased a delightful mm in Damier azur print last year in August. Since I consider the bag to be more of a summer bag I didn't use more than a handful of times last year. This year I used it maybe 5 times when I noticed some stitches coming lose along the top leather trim of the bag. Initially when I contacted LV online they told me since it was less than a year old they would send me a postage paid label and to send it to the closest store to me and they would assess it to see if it was a defect in the bag or wear and tear issue. I'd sent them photos as requested and was told that it appeared to be a manufacturer defect as the bag still looked brand new. I waited a day or so and never received the label via email do I again contacted them by phone and this time was told no they can't and don't send out labels and that I'd have to pay for the postage and insurance my self. I was of course pretty upset considering they told me one thing and didn't do it but I was even more upset that they didn't have the common curtesy to call me or email me regarding he change. I spoke with the manager and it didn't matter I still had to mail the bag at my expense to the nearest store and from there they would send it out for repair. When they received the bag in the mail they called me and told me it would take about 6-8 weeks for repair and they would call when the received the repaired bag. Well I get a lot of junk emails and didn't notice the email from a LV sa indicating the bag was back from repair and for me to come in to pick it up. Irritated because I shipped the bag to them because there are no LV stores near me, now I'm afraid I'll have to pay for return shipping too. The store is closed now but has anyone had a similar issue with repairs.
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  7. Which lv store is that? They are awesome!
  8. Chances are you will have to pay for return shipping, unless you have an SA that works with you personally. Sorry, I know this stinks....
  9. Yes it does stink especially since I haven't used the bag much at all and you'd think if it's under warranty it would cover at least the return shipping. Also, I looked at the date on the email from the SA when he indicated my bag was ready which was 2 weeks old, so I'm wondering why if they hadn't heard from me in all that time they hadn't followed up with another email or a phone call. Not impressed with their customer service at all at this point. From my initial call until now it's not been good. I'm going to Paris in October for the first time and was planning to pick up several LV pieces but now I'm rethinking that. I've heard about reduced quality with LV over the last few years so it's probably for the best. Still disappointed cause I really like their bags.
  10. Hi, just so u know, there is no warranty so it's to their discretion. They usually will do a repair to an item free if it's less than a year or as a one time courtesy exchange the item (and they'll use those words). If your still planning to stick with the brand, try getting an SA and build a relationship as much is to their discretion. I agree with u, they should have attempted to call you/contact you in the 2 weeks they had ur bag and did not get a response from you. In this day and age, no one is really unreachable- it just takes a little extra effort on their part. I hope you have better luck with them in the future should u decide to stick with the brand I totally get ur frustration. CS is a hit or miss with LV unfortunately. If you do get a survey after the repair, express everything- they do read it and forward it on to the store that dealt with you. I know this as a fact. I hope ur repair goes well....
  11. Thanks kitty157, the store just opened less than an hour ago so I'll give them a call if I don't hear from them in the next few min. I'll keep ya posted once I get the repair hopefully it was done well.
  12. Sorry for the late reply this was at the LV store at Town Center in Boca Raton, FL.
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  13. Awesome, this is good to know. I purchased a pre loved speedy (but I'm still trying to authenticate it). If it does come back authentic it needs a few repairs so I'll take it in. I want to make sure it's authentic first so I don't die of embarrassment at LV.
  14. They will even if it is 100 yrs old as long as it is an authentic piece and the canvas is not broken it is pricey thoug
  15. I need the tab on the zipper replaced and the tabs on the side too. The tab that would have the heat stamp is partially missing. Not sure what the tabs are called. I'm a newbie and it shows. lol. I think my speedy might be almost 30 years old