Will Louboutin Iowa Mary Janes stretch???

  1. Hi! Please help! Finally got my hands on the most amazing shoes, the Louboutin Iowa mary janes in black. Can not normally afford Louboutins but got myself a bit of a bargain on eBay, and decided that they will go with anything and I will wear them forever!!
    The only problem is I seem to be seeing that most people advise sizing up as they are small sizes. I'm normally a 39 (uk 6) and the pair I have bought are a 38.5 (uk 5.5) Will they stretch? I do have a pair of shoes in a 5.5 from Karen Millen that fit fine and have even got away with a size 5 leather boot before now, but as I say my usual size is 6. Wasn't sure how much these style in patent leather would stretch! Any ideas? Please don't say I will have to sell them again I would be heartbroken!! xxx:sweatdrop:
  2. mine did after a few hours of wearing.
  3. I hate to burst your bubble but my opinion is good and bad news. I bought the Iowa shoe in size 39 and it was too tight. Painfully tight. I stretched them a few times, both professionally and with shoe trees. I also wore them quite a bit. They ended up stretching to the point that now they fit perfectly. I think the shoe tree stretchers helped the most.

    The bad news is that CL runs small. I wear a US 8.5 but almost all of my Louboutins are a size 39. The exception is patent leather. Some of the styles I have in patent I need a whole size bigger than my US size (or half a size bigger than my standard CL size). I really needed the patenet Iowa in a 39.5 which is a whole size bigger than my 8.5 US size and half a size bigger than my normal CL size of 39.

    Does that make sense? I think my Iowas stretched about a half size. I really, really hope your shoes work out for you but be prepared for the possibility that they may be too small.
  4. Thanks lawchick, my shoes are here and at first they were too small! But I invested in a shoe stretcher - a two way wooden thing from timpsons, and sprayed a little shoe stretcher spray on the inside of shoes before stretching. Worked so well! Did it gradually over 24 hours and could not believe the results! Shoes fit now in fact are a teeny bit big!

    I'm sooooooo happy have my dream shoes! I'm too scared to wear them tho as I know I'll ruin the red sole!! :yahoo:
  5. Oh sorry thanks Savannah too! xx
  6. That is fantastic!! Congrats on your dream shoes. I have put the clear packing tape on the bottom of my CLs and the soles don't get scuffed so quickly. Also, if they are a little big now, just put in a toe pad to help with the tall heel. It will be much more comfy. I always try to buy them a little big so I can wear a toe pad for comfort. Good luck and please post modeling pics! :yes:

  7. This is excellent news!:yes:
    I'm glad that you were able to stretch them to fit!
    pic's please!
  8. Ah thanks guys! I will try the packing tape trick! Will post pics as soon as I take some! xx
  9. That is GREAT news!!! I'm so happy for you. Congrats on your first pair of CLs. They are a great first pair too. I think they go with just about everything!
    Oh, and if they are a little big now, I heard that patent shrinks back a little.
  10. I have just recently purchased these shoes and im having the same problem. I am a uk size 7 but the shoes are 6.5. They squash my toes a bit too much to be comfortable. If i invest in the wooden shoe stretchers, will they stretch by half a size so that i can wear them without them hurting on a night out.

    Thanks for your help
  11. i demand modeling pics! hehe. i love these shoes, congrats!!