Will Legacy be a permanent collection?

  1. Like the Hamptons or Soho? It's a shame if they stop making them, they are just so wonderful. As long as they have these in Leather I will never buy anything else.
  2. Absolutely! It's the newest edition to the staple collections.
  3. It's my gotta have bag right now! I love the Legacy!
  4. LOVE Legacy!:yes: :heart:
  5. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Legacy rocks!! :rochard: I can NOT get enough!! :happydance:
  6. I can't imagine the Legacy line going away! :shocked: Just the thought makes my blood run cold!!
  7. legacy is without a doubt a permanent collection, thats why as bad as i want the Ali i am going to wait i know shes not going anywhere

    they are opening special Legacy specific coach stores, that will ONLY sell the legacy line, along with clothing in the legacy line, all the bags, everything :smile:

    so no fear ladies it is HERE TO STAY!!!
  8. Ooooooo I want to go to a Legacy only store!!! :drool: :drool: OMG I'd go broke for sure... but BOY what fun it'd be! :nuts:
  9. haha o my god i know i cant WAIT to go to one, my fav. SA at the coach i go to is going to be working @ the legacy store when it opens! :smile: amazing!
  10. Do you know how we can find out where the Legacy only stores are going to be?
  11. Im so happy to hear that Legacy is here to stay!
    It is my fav line I can't wait to see what else they put out!!!
  12. hmm i dont,,, i was just told when i asked maybe it would be worth calling your local coach or the 800 # and asking if they are going to open one in Tx and where :smile: ?

  13. me 2!!!!!!!!!!!! cause you know to open whole stores there is going to be more stuff AND! they will prob release new stuff to lure ppl into the new stores when they open which rocks!!! LURE ME AWAY :smile: hhee
  14. legacy is the BESTEST!!:woohoo:
  15. Glad to hear its staying. I look forward to seeing more legacy bags in the future.