Will leather Chanel shoes stretch with wear?

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  1. I've bought a pair of chanel shoes half a size too small, I've already worn them, thinking they were just a bit snug. But I've realised they are just too uncomfortable. These are my first Chanel shoes, but I've had other leather shoes which stretch or seem to have more give with a bit of wear. Can someone with more experience tell me whether these will stretch a bit? Or am i destined to have to wear them just to sit down events?!
  2. Been there - done that.

    They will give - eventually.

    Wear them round the house and when you're just sitting down working,

    Eventually they should give.
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    my chanel ballet slippers stretch alot....my others just a little...........u can take them to shoe repair to b stretched... just for your general info tho, chanel shoes always run small..next time get half size bigger than what u normally wear..:smile: but they should be fine..
  4. Yes, a shoemaker will be able to stretch them a bit for you.
  5. if not a pro-stretching, break them in around the house -- w/ sports socks! works for my patent heels, which are even tougher :amuse:
  6. Depends, if you have a wide feet it would really hurt but bearable until you break-in the shoes. A shoe tree also helps, store them with it. I bought this stretch solution and spray the inside leather before inserting the shoe tree. MAke sure to wipe off excess from the outside, might ruin the leather finish.
  7. Yes they can for a small fee. Where did you buy yours? I bought mine at Saks & take them back there a couple times a year for stretching. They get stretched while I am shopping. Works out pretty good for me.:smile:
  8. after working in the shoe store for about 3 years, i can say that leather will definitely stretch! the length won't stretch much but the width will def stretch. i suggest you bring it to a shoe store and have them professionally stretched for you if you can't bare the pain to stretch them yourself. HTH!
  9. Great, thank you so much!

    I think the sizing must run a little small, because I'm usually a 37 and these are a 37 but FEEL half a size too small. I also do have wide but short feet, so wear they really hurt is at the broadest part of my feet.

    Will definately wear them in around the house before I am brave enough to go out again, I'm sure my toddler will find this amusing too ;)
  10. They will probably stretch. Are they flats? If so, you can try the sock trick... an invaluable trick I learned from the CL forum (I've used it several times)! Put on a pair of thick white athletic socks and stuff your feet into your flats for as long as can/want (a few hours, while watching tv, etc.) and after a few times, your flats will be much more comfy. :smile: Of course, you can also get them professionally stretched, but I'm too lazy to have that done haha... the sock trick works just as well for me. :P
  11. They are pumps. I don't know if i can go through the self stretching process, even with sports socks on they are killing my feet! Its the width across my toes.... will this stretch much? I'm thinking they are just too narrow for me.
  12. Wish I had read this first, I assumed Chanel ran true to size and bought a preloved pair of quilted ballet flats which I LOVE, they fit perfectly width wise which is unusual since I have wider feet, but are too short :sad: Have to sell them now.
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    Here is a youtube link my friend found regarding stretching your shoes. My friend tried it and it TOTALLY worked...thanks to this girl named Michelle Phan. :smile: I would think you would need multiple bags for flats...she stretches a pair of heels in this video. I should try it on my chanel cambon flats!

    YouTube - Stretch Your Shoes With Ice
  14. ^C, ohhhhhhhh, now I see what you are talking about!!! :P
  15. Gotbighair.................this is great, I am going to try it right away, although......even at 1/2 size larger than my normal, Chanel Pumps are always very uncomfortable on my feet.............