will kooba sample sale in nyc 11/14-11/17 also be online?

  1. i remember recently the hayden harnett sample sale was also online...just curious if anyone knows....thanks..
  2. I'm glad that you asked that question as I am also interested...does anyone know?
  3. yES, i Know - it will not be online - in store only.
  4. does anyone know the discount range in the sale? i'm thinking of dropping by...:yes:
  5. Such as where and when in New York specifically this will be taking place? I'd really appreciate it!
  6. Did you receive an answer re. the details of the Kooba sample sale? I am new to this site. Any info re. location and time would be great.
  7. 261 W. 36th Street – 2nd Floor
    (betw. 7th & 8th Ave)
  8. Prices:

    - bags from $100 to $225, all belts are $50
    - over 1,500 units to start, with daily reorders to follow
    - Carla, Ginger, Sienna, Jessie, Paige, Frankie, Marcelle, Claudia, Chiara, Ada, Braeden, Zoe and more
  9. Ginger, where are you getting the information about this sample sale? Are these authentic Kooba bags? I haven't heard anything about this on TopButton and they are usually on top of all of these things. Also, do you have the times for this sale? Thanks!
  10. 11/14–11/17 Kooba’s bags, with their distinctive brass hardware, are 60 percent off; the slouchy Marcelle hobo with eyelet and lace details is now $225. 261 W. 36th St., nr. Seventh Ave., second fl. (212-947-8748); Tues. and Thurs. (10–7); Wed. and Fri. (10–6).

  11. Just got back from the sample sale. Got there at 1130PM and waited for 1 hr 40 mins before I got to see the handbags. There were no black bags left. The guy did say that they are restocking tomorrow (by noon).
  12. I was thinking about going back for the Ada but since it sold out by the time I got to the room (at NOON) I was just in time to watch the last one get handed off. They said they'll have more tomorrow, but I'm not I want a bag I'm going to see ALL OVER the city.
  13. If anyone goes back - let us know what they restocked - I'd be interested in knowing. Sucks for us who come from LI or New Jersey - we work and can make it only 1 day usually - I think I'd be dangerous if I worked in Manhattan.
  14. I went to the Kooba sale at about 5:30-ish? My friend met me there...she scooped up the reddish brown tooled leather Sienna (for $200!!!). She also held a python embossed Paige for me....When i got there they had no black bags save for the Ada which I was actually interested in buying...until I saw it. I thought it was craveable until I saw how large the studs are in person...I think they had a few of them there. I found that I was holding the last embossed, for that matter any type of Paige in the house....I had just picked up a Botkier earlier in the day....(from a tip from IAmMe...thanks again!)...so I thought I would pay it forward and gave it to another girl who looked like she wanted it more than I did....it looks like they are re-stocking constantly....I think it is safe to check it out after work if at all possible....there was absolutely no line....I am going back tomorrow in hopes of a Black tooled leather Sienna!
  15. Did they have the Ada in brown? I'm still debating going in tomorrow morning and picking it up before I go to work. What do you think? Do you think its worth it? Were they selling it for $225?