Will Kate Spade refills fit into the Sm Ring Agenda? (and "The Wallet Pen" question!)

  1. Just curious if anybody has used Kate Spade refills...? Do they fit into the Small Ring Agenda? KS has some cute ones!

    Also, has anybody tried The Wallet Pen for their agenda? It's only 3" which seems rather small... I have the zebra pen from daytimer in my mono agenda and hate it. I want new pens for my mono and Groom agenda!

    THE Wallet Pen


    Or how about The Walkie Pen at Neiman's?
    Ettinger*-* Walkie Pen*-* Neiman Marcus


  2. Bump back to the top - wow this disappeared fast! :p

    I know some of you have the Walkie Pen and also the Lamy pen... anybody have the Wallet Pen?
  3. i know for sure FiloFax's pocket size refills fits perfectly, and the Zebra mini stainless steel pen fits agenda well.
  4. The Wallet pen was too fat for my Agenda (PM size.) And I believe that yes, KS inserts DO fit.
  5. I'm ordering some of the FiloFax stuff but really would love the Kate Spade stuff, too!

    And yep -- the Zebra mini fits great, but that's the one I have and I'm throwing it in the trash. Mine never works very well and the pen won't retract without me hitting on a hard surface. :yes:
  6. Thanks!!! I didn't think the wallet pen was that fat. It's 1/4" around and the LV ones are .3 so maybe that's just enough to not fit...

    I'm glad the KS inserts will work -- they are so cute!! Thanks!
  7. The only pens (and I've been alll over) that I know will fit besides LV are the Zebra and the little pens at Tiffany. They run about 80$.
  8. KS refills fits also? What size? where can i get some? thanks! i just find filofax ones a bit too thin...i am rough when i can't find the date i am looking for ^^;
  9. Looks like the "pocket" size is the one to go with (I think!?). But look carefully because I don't know for sure yet. :smile:

    Here's the link to the refills:
    kate spade
  10. Sigh... yep, I think I'm going to buy a Tiffany pen. I love the way they look -- and heck - I don't have anything from Tiffany!!! I need something. :p
  11. hum...KS pocket size agenda is .4 inch wider than LV SM ring, where the length is .5 shorter than LV sm ring....maybe it could fit w/o the pen inside?
  12. i have some small kate spade refills here i can measure if anyone needs me to.
  13. That tiffany pen is too big. I bought the little signature blue tiffany pen - it fits perfectly and looks gorgeous in the agenda. It was $80.00.
  14. There's a small Zebra patterned pen? Oh, my, goodness, for the love of animal print would someone please, please, please provide me with a link to that pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: