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Will it still ship?! Concern about self-printing labels & date of shipment.


Dec 1, 2007
New York
Yes, I've realized I'm an idiot, but I've made a few Half.com book sales lately & this is nothing new to me. I print out the shipping labels at home & walk over to the nearest collection box to drop it in since my mailbox is too small for outgoing books! I JUST realized today that the last pickup for that particular collection box is at 9 AM... for some reason, I always just glanced at it & only saw "5 PM" -- which is the time for the last collection at the LOCAL post office, NOT the collection box! Since I'm shipping via media mail, I thought it was nothing out of the ordinary for the USPS tracking information to not update, but now I'm worried. Does USPS care if I drop it off after 9 AM on day A, and the shipping label says to be shipped on day A, but they don't pick it up until day B? I hope they aren't voiding my labels & my books aren't going anywhere... :sad:


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
It has to be within a reasonable number of days. 1-2 should be fine. After that, they might not honor the label.


Mar 2, 2006
Yeah I ship same or next day and usually print my labels at night. I forget and the 5pm time of the day I'm printing is still checked, I ALWAYS forget to change it. But it hasn't mattered, all packages I've sent have gotten there just fine.