Will it look Dated

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  1. Thanks to everyone that replied to my Alma question. I know the Alma is a classic design but I was wondering do you think the Vernis will become dated years done the line? Should I go with a classic mono or damier canvas?

    Thanks Again
  2. Honestly i think it might...However, it might be a bit safer to get the more understated colors like amarante! I'd get it regardless though because it's such a beautiful bag!
  3. never!
  4. @Doll...thanks for your response.. That is the color I want..
    @Div4life... lol...thanks .. by the way I love your style!
  5. Get what you want for now! Don't worry about the future!! :biggrin:
  6. If you are looking for a classic Alma, then consider Epi.
  7. i don't think vernis will ever look dated ;)
  8. If there comes a time when you feel it's dated, you can sell it and mono + damier Almas will always be available so I vote vernis for now if you really like it.
  9. ita!!!
  10. I think Alma Vernis is a classic bag and will remain relevant in years to come!
  11. I'd definitely go with Alma Epi!
  12. If it's what you absolutely love then who cares! I bought my Vernis BB Alma without any thoughts about the future; I hope to keep using it forever!
  13. Vernis, dated? Definitely not! Pretty safe if you go for the colours like amarante, bleu nuit and pomme. The bright funky colours like rose pop may be more seasonal in nature.

  14. I agree!
  15. I use what I love and don't care about trends or what people think. I will still be rocking my orange graffiti speedy in ten years and people can deal with it. Lol. So get what you love and don't worry what someone will say about it being dated. The only reason fashion puts so much pressure on us is so we will keep spending.