will it grow on me?

  1. I've had my ivory edith (more like mastic, not the 07 pure white) for a little more than a year now and have used her maybe ~10 times! While I sometimes find myself liking the bag alot, other times I find it way too structured and annoying because it can't be a shoulder bag. I just bought a mini paddy and love it! However, I'm graduating from college next year and thought I might like the edith when I have a real job and need a bag for work that isn't boring... What do you think? Will it grow on me or should I just let it go and buy something else?
  2. I think part of the problem might be the colour of the edith you have. Maybe you should let it go and try to get a whiskey coloured one.

    I have both the black and whiskey and they are both gorgoues, but more so the whiskey and the leather is soft and TDF.

    I do find them harder to wear regularly but I know that when I need a more structured bag I will never find anything like the edith satchel.
  3. I agree about the color... Ediths are so meant to be whiskey. LOL. But then again, the bag might just not be for you. I adore mine and I wear it all the time, with everything. I think it just goes with my style. Plus, the leather on mine is so soft, it doesn't look so structured.
  4. I hate to tempt you but I have just seen the regular satchel with the messenger strap and the one without both in whiskey on neimanmarcus.com!
  5. Invenio, post a pic of yourself modeling the bag. It'll help us chime in with our opinions!!! Also, where are the modeling pics of your baby paddy!!!
  6. thanks mona_danya and rinstar! i've heard lots about the whiskey edith but i've never actually seen one irl, so i'm reluctant to buy it online. do you know if they're still being sold or have they been discontinued ?

    haha, i'll try to get around to it sarmel! i've been working soo much i haven't had time. i think i worked 90 hours last week! and i'm just an intern...
  7. I think most stores are sold out so online stores or eBay might be your best bet!