Will it go with black?

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  1. Can I carry my new gold birkin when I wear black (which is my most common color)? I am mosting talking black + jeans.
  2. Absolutely!!! Gold is such a classic Hermes neutral that it will look fantastic with black and denim.
  3. I think you could wear anything with it even tartan, I would skip the taffeta or the gold lame!
  4. Yes, I have the same Birkin you have- 35 cm, gold ph (& mine's clemence). I wear it with everything- neutrals (like black) and colors. It really does go with everything because it's so classic!
  5. Absolutely, tres chic!
  6. Yes, but sometimes no...:supacool: I hear you!
  7. But, of course!
  8. What is the difference in the texture, feel, smell of the leather (clemence v togo)?
  9. Hi Star- just out of curiosity, what kind of black outfit do you think the gold birkin would not work well with? I've been carrying my bag with almost everything- except evening wear. Would like to make sure I'm not committing a fashion crime. :P
  10. Thank you - I was wondering too...
  11. I can not tell you from personal experience, as I only have gold clemence. But from what I've learned from this forum (thanks tPFers!) the gold has a slightly different hue in the two leather. Also, clemence is flatter (less bumpy) and more matte than togo. I heard togo smells wonderful. My clemence doesn't really smell. All in all though, the two leather appears to be very similar.
  12. Gold is a great neutral.
    I wear mine with black when I am too lazy to switch to my black birkin.
    It goes with everything!!
  13. Totally!
  14. My wardrobe is almost entirely black and my Kelly is the same color/leather combination as your Birkin. It looks great with black.
  15. Another vote for gold!! And, I too love the scent of Togo...although Clemence does have it's own scent....it just doesn't jump out at you.