Will it get dirty easy?

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  1. I tried searching for this question but couldnt find it so sorry if this has already been asked.
    I just wanted to know what everyones thoughts on the Damier Azur line and if you think it will get dirty easily if carried daily. I put my bag on the floor of my car every now and then, (i drive a corvette) and so if i am riding in it and not driving, i just put it under my legs if i am in a hurry.. being no back seat.
    I like the line, just worried about it getting dirty being so light colored.
    What do you think?
  2. i assume it wont.. it'll be just like the white MC wouldnt it? and if it gets dirty, you can always just wipe it with a damp cloth?
  3. The outside canvas is coated so that would not be a problem keeping clean. The inside and zipper is very light so that is what I worry about. I did spray my zipper with leather protectant so hopefully that will keep it clean for a while.
  4. Coated canvas is easier to keep clean than mono lin line or vernis. IMO:angel: :flowers:
  5. I'll recommend regular Damier for you.:yes: As Azur is lighter coloured, dirt will show easily and some stains may not wipe/clean out.
  6. I'm surprised you put you bag in the floor of your car :wtf:

    I'd have to say if that is the issue i'd go for something dark.
  7. I put my white mc on the car floor it should be fine :smile:
  8. Thanks for the info! If i go that with that line, i will spray it or do something to protect it. The zipper part is what worries me, like you said Bag*Snob.

    Bag Fetish..LOL, i keep my car clean and try to get it detailed all the time. I know there still is dirt there, but not enough to get things dirty.. i wouldnt think. All my bags so far still look great;)

    But... I wont have to worry about that anymore!! I sold my car today. We didnt think it would sale that fast being where we are at.. that car isnt usable in the winter. So, I am now on a hunt for a new car. I have it narrowed down to 2 or 3 so far. I just dont know!

    Anyways, i am going in the LV store here Sat. so i will see what i can find.
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