Will it Ever End?

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  1. So I've had acne since I was 10, I'm 19 now and it's eased off but it's still pretty bad. My fear is peaking cause I'm getting married in December and I have two greatest fears for my wedding day 1) Period 2) Pimple. My mom assures me that once I go on Birth Control (within the next couple of months) that it will probably clear up a lot more if not completely than it already has and my periods will go bye bye too.

    Currently I have little bity pimples here and there across my face, they don't bother me so much, but I've got a spot in my laugh line on the left side. It was a cystic type zit that popped and left a crater so it left a little red scar/dent. Well I had a little pimple in that dent the other day and it popped on its own but now it's like really really dry and crusted over. It hurts like hell too. I exfoliate and moisturize and I'm just....I'm at my wits end.

    I REFUSE to have a pimple on my face during my wedding. I want my skin so that later on in the evening I can take off my makeup and not be afraid to show my husband my bare skin. You know?
  2. I feel your pain. And, I can tell you... there have been 4 things that have changed my skin FOREVER. I am a cystic acne nightmare. I have tried EVERY antibiotic imaginable, and birth control as well! The ONLY thing that has worked for me:
    -Philosophy Purity Made Simple
    -Witch Hazel as a Toner
    -100% Pure Tea Tree Oil on a blemish

    The clarisonic SERIOUSLY changed my skin forever. I noticed a visible improvement after 2 days of use, and a 100% change after 2 weeks. I've been using it just under a month... and where I would be a cystic mess by now (knock on wood) I've had NO breakouts AT ALL. I felt the start of ONE cystic pimple, put some tea tree oil on it... and used the clarisonic... GONE. It didn't even grow into a full blown cyst!

    I am HOOKED on my clarisonic!
  3. Ohh!! And for a moisturizer I use Cetaphil SPF 15 during the day and Cetaphil Lotion at night.
  4. well missy, december is a looooong time away, so i wouldn't let the fear of a potential pimple 11 months from now cause you stress at the moment. pimples are normal. don't stress- stress can make your acne worse. besides, im sure your fiance has seen you without makeup before, and you guys are engaged, so i wouldn't worry too much about what he will think if you have a small pimple mark on your face during your wedding night.

    just be sure to remove your makeup every night and cleanse properly, with toner, etc. i recommend the Mario Badescu line. you can get it online or at Nordstrom.
  5. Go to a dermatologist. I went to mine for a quick paste/light treatment three days before my wedding and it cleared up everything. I wore no makeup on my wedding day except eye makeup.

    Oh and btw I am 36 and I still break out. Sorry, it doesn't end. But you can definitely either a) control it, and b) stop obsessing over it. 90% of it noone but you can see, and really most people don't care what's on your face. And if they DO care, they are shallow and pathetic. Trust me.
  6. Missy, for one, if your fiance hasnt seen you without makeup already, or if he would judge you because you have no makeup on, thats an issue in and of itself.

    For two, do NOT stress over something thats happening almost a year from now. Your face could be as clear as day by then! Stressing only makes acne worse.

    Three, what is your regime? Do you have one? If you get on a strict Regime from now until the time you get married, I can *almost*(I say almost because Regime's really dont help everyone) guarantee you, your face will clear up. If a regime doesnt help within 3-4months, you have plenty of time to find a good derm and explore other options.

    Thank you for that. Seriously. I need to keep telling myself that.
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    where can i come by this clarisonic face brush?

    So I wash my face every morning in the shower and every night before bed. I went to the dermatologist a year and a half or 2 years ago now I guess and she gave me differin gel, which has definatly helped, Hibiclens (which is a serious skin cleanser) and the advice to use a regular bar of soap instead of some fancy cleaner. But I do use a system from the Artistry Brand and it helps but not as well as I want it to.

    Yeah my fiancee has seen me sans makeup, but I'm so very self concious about it. He says I'm beautiful no matter what but I feel like my old acne scars are so bright and bold that everyone can see them. I just wish this dry spot would heal up cause it's getting on my nerves!
  8. The miracle of the century--proactive sulfur mask...the minute you even thing u are getting a zit, pop on a dab and go to bec. the zit is gone overnite. Wen I am alone I cover my face in it once a week (can be drying) and my one volcanic skin is amooth and beautiful! And its cheap...$16.00 for a tube that will last you a year!
  9. Go to the drugstore and get a little bottle of Benzoyl Peroxide for about $10 and put a dot of it on the zit. It will make it go away in a day or 2.
  10. All of the tips people have given here are great...and I agree that acne does not necessarily go away with age (I am in my 30s, too) but it can get better. I have learned that drying my skin out does NOT help...you still need a bit of moisturizer even if you have acne, just make sure it's oil free! If not, your skin will start to overproduce even more oil because it feels parched. I also recommend using SPF everyday (even during winter/when it's overcast) because the sun can make old acne marks darker. I have been very careful with these two rules the last year or two and my skin has definitely gotten better. And on the bright side: those of us with oilier skin will get less wrinkles. ;) GL!
  11. Go online to Mario Badescu - these are great products. The drying lotion is like a miracle worker.

    I have found the less I pick at my face, the less I stress over it - the better it looks. If I simply wash it and leave it alone - I get less breakouts. As soon as I start picking at it or using too many products, it looks horrible.

    If I am too lazy to wash it at night (which happens often) - I have Clearasil face wipes that I use. They take off makeup and clean my face great.

    Don't stress about it - that will make it worse.
  12. I cannot say it more---go to a Dermatologist!
    I'm in my 30's and have had acne alot of my adult life. I finally went to a Derm last May and w/in 2 months I had absolutely NO breakouts. And haven't since. I wish I went sooner.
  13. I had my acne until 29y.o. I went to dermatologist and he put me on his compound wash and lotion. In addition to that I started Yaz - my first birth control pill. I invested in Clarisonic which I think, is THE BEST investment I've ever made.

    I stopped using any other products. So, in AM and PM I use derm's face wash with clarisonic brush (only in am or pm), vitamin C serum from Ole Henriksen (I just add this one back b/c I love it and it never broke me out) and at the end I apply derm's face lotion and SPF(in AM only). My skin is flawless , no blackheads , thanks to Clarisonic, no cystic, or small acne , thanks to face wash and lotion b/c both of them contain antibiotics, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial meds and YAZ.

    I truly think that the biggest 2 things in my regimen are : #1 Yaz and #2 Clarisonic brush every day.

    I used everything available over the counter before. I also used Including Proactiv, Bodescu, LaMer etc.
    As per my derm, hormonal misbalance was #1 cause of my acne, and , possibly, overstressing my face with enormous amount of facial products.

    Good luck !
  14. Oops - forgot to note for those on a budget, especially for those new to being on a budget ;) that Benzoyl Peroxide is the active ingredient in the Pro-Activ refining mask, as well as a number of other more expensive products.

    And of course if you are seeing a derm, or have any doubts or questions, you should ask her opinion before using Benzoyl Peroxide or anything else, even toothpaste, which some people swear by, I think it has to be a particularly superminty kind, though.