Will it bother you if...

  1. the hologram sticker and authenticity card doesn't match. Got the bag from a power seller "wittg8888". It bothers me that they don't match but I was wondering if I should just let it go and don't even think about it. The other thing that bothers me is that it doesn't come with dust bag although her pictures shows a dust bag but her listing/description doesn't indicate that it comes with one. Anyway, I would like to hear what other ladies/gents think I should do. I already emailed the seller.
  2. Post photos in the authentication section. If it's authentic and you don't plan to sell it, and you feel you got a fair price, keep it.
  3. This says red flag to me. Please post in Authenticate this so they can help you figure it out. FYI- sometimes even power sellers get duped when they buy a bag....
  4. It WILL bother me a LOT if the card doesn't match with the sticker.. Like, what's the point of the card if it doesn't match at all? And also, you should ask this seller how come it doesn't have any dustbag when it shows in the photos when she sold the item, it has a dust bag on it. If she refuses, then REPORT her.
  5. i have emailed that seller before and she says that the background of her pics is just decorative. If the auction does not mention any dust bag or authenticity card, then she will not be including them :s I did not really appreciate that policy so i have stopped looking at her auctions.
  6. Even if I'm not selling..I would like my authenticity card to match... cos this is 2nd hand handbag...dun really know if this is real or fake.... that is the main reason y i dun buy online..or eBay
  7. i'd ask for the real card, incase u change ur mind and wanna sell it in the future
  8. Tell her that you would like to refund the handbag because it is definitely not impressive enough. What should be in the photo is what you should be getting. BTW, did you ask her before you bidded if her bag includes dustbags? Maybe that's the reason that she's pointing out. But there's still one more thing, you can report her to eBay directly that she's posting pictures that are not "as described" in her auctions. right? this indeed is a questionable seller. :nuts:
  9. It would bother me, I think this happens alot with this seller, and as mentioned, her backround pictures are very misleading (along with some other questionable activity).
  10. If I got the bag for a really, really good price, I might just keep it and use it.
  11. To me it would depend on how much I loved the bag, how hard it was to get/find, and whether I think I got it at a fair price. :yes:
  12. It would bother me to no end- I would have to return the bag.
  13. it would bother me more that i was mislead (by her listing/the dustbag)than not having the card and hologram match. sorry.
  14. It would bother me too, I would ask for a refund based on authenticity reasons. I'm pretty she would have to accept because having negative feedback regarding authenticity would be very damaging for her future sales.
  15. I'm still a Chanel newbie so am not certain about this but...don't the card number, and the number inside the bag, have to match in order for Chanel to repair a bag for you? I mean, isn't it some kind of registration card to prove authenticity? Or is it just a random thing they decided to include with the bags. I mean, do you even need the card for anything in the future? Other than re-selling of course. I'm sure Chanel doesn't include the card to make it easier to resell a bag of theirs. So what's the point of it?

    Just asking because it may actually end up being very important to have the bag and card match.

    My other question would be...why doesn't she have the card to match this particular bag? How did she end up with the card from another bag, going with this one? What happened to the one it should have come with? Maybe you should ask her about that, it would really concern me.