Will it be hard to find a Plum Le Fab?

  1. I know this color was discontinued. Does anyone know how long ago?

    I am recently loving Suhali's and wondering if my chances are slim to find a Le Fab in this color.:shrugs:

    I always see the white ones on ebay. But have not really seen the plum.

    Is this a lost cause? If so I will move onto something else. LOL:lol:
  2. I have not seen one in any stores for awhile....as always, the best bet is to call 866, and they can try and locate one for you.
  3. You just missed out on an authentic plum Le Fab on ebay! It went for $2124 :nuts:
  4. Call 866-Vuitton and check with your local SA!!!

  5. I did. They are gone

  6. I know :crybaby:
    I was watching it too but didnt have a chance to bid :Push: That's the worse feeling.:sweatdrop:
  7. ^:flowers: Oh, no worries...I'm sure we'll all keep an eye (or 2) out for u on ebay...plum's such a lovely color :love:

  8. Thanks for the nice words. I appreciate you being on the lookout :yes:
  9. HI!!! i know you. ha ha ha. good luck finding your bag. can I borrow it when you get it? ha ha ha

  10. :roflmfao: You are such a goofball. Glad you are enjoying yourself here. Welcome. :graucho:

    And no you can't borrow it when I find it. You're too hard on bags. I've seen yours :roflmfao: Just kidding :roflmfao:
  11. I didn't know they stopped making that in Plum.

  12. yes. I didnt know either until recently when I became interested in Suhali:crybaby:
  13. I think Plum is the rarest color for the Le Fab, other than the gold and silver.
    I do see plum Le Tal's pretty often. Those are gorgeous! The best le tal color by far!!

  14. Man. Not good. I keep seeing plum le tals too. If I wait patiently I'm sure a Plum will come up. Hope I ahve not changed my mind by then :lol: