Will it arrive tomorrow?

  1. I'll preface this by saying that I know I'm being somewhat unreasonable here, but chalk it up to excitement.

    I had called around on Sunday and located a possibly Anthracite City at NM San Francisco. The SA said she'd have it sent right out. I live 45 miles or so south in Palo Alto (generally an hour with normal, non-rush-hour traffic), but just felt like I didn't want to schlep to the city.

    I thought I might get it yesterday -- ship out Monday, get to me Tuesday. Nope. :sad: So today, I come home and I'm looking expectantly at the porch for a package. Nope. :sad: How long can it take to get 45 miles?

    The frustrating part is that the Bay Area has great mail service. I know it's supposed to be the same everywhere, but it's so not. I used to live in DC, and the mail there was glacially slow -- it would take 5 days to get an in-town letter. I get most local stuff here in a day.

    I'm also waiting on one from Saks Boca, but that I figure has a longer way to go. I will be so peeved if that one arrives first...
  2. I have my fingers crossed and positive thoughts going your way Kimb.... tomorrow the post guy/gal bbag fairy will be dropping off your Anthracite City:yahoo:. How exciting...the anxiousness of it all:blink:.
  3. The anthracite will probably arrive tomorrow. I was at Neimans SF on Saturday and they definitely had an anthracite City so you should receive the right bag.

    As for the bag from Boca. I live in the Sac. area and it took forever to receive a bag from Saks in Boca--nearly two weeks! I will keep my fingers crossed that yours arrives faster!
  4. Ok, I can't take it anymore. I'm going to go home and check to see if my bag here, even though it's only 4 PM. I finished the two major things I need to get done today, and it's kind of a slow day today. Everyone in the offices around me is on a boondoggle in Barcelona, so leaving a couple of hours early to go check the mail seems like a minor no-no...

    Fingers crossed that there's a package waiting for me!
  5. Were they able to provide you with a tracking # ? I know how frustrating it is to wait for your new goodies.. and it shouldn't take 3 days to get to you locally~!

    Hope you see it as your pulling up to your driveway! ;)
  6. So, it was here waiting for me when I got home today.
    But, it's Plomb/Steel rather than Anthracite. I kind of expected this, so I'm only a little bummed rather than totally crushed. I don't love it, really wanted some of the green undertones, so it will be going back to NM. The leather also isn't as nice as my other (lonely) bbag, so I think I'll hold out for better...:sad:

    I just hope the one from Saks that's still in transit is the right color. If it is, then this will all have worked out for the best, since there's a Neiman's here in PA, so it's an easy return, whereas for Saks I'd have to go into SF. So hopefully all's well that ends well (or I've got two returns and happier credit cards)!
  7. dARn.... Hopefully the one in transit is Anthracite ... keep us posted! :wlae:
  8. :sad:...hoping for better new when your Neimans package comes in.
  9. congrats