will i use speedy?

  1. i have a speedy (mono) . i haven't used her yet, and i won't (if i do) until the spring. but... will i use her? what do you think?
  2. i just got the speedy its my first LV purchase and i love it and use it all the time!!
  3. My speedy is one of the only bags that get the most use of all. I think once you start using it you'll love it.
  4. I think once you pull it out the first time you will def use her a lot...
  5. I hardly use mine either.. ugh. I'm just not a handheld bags kind of girl !
  6. Ummm...maybe not as much as u'd like to eventually 'cos I see from ur avatar that u have a (very lovely and cute!) baby...handheld's a little more difficult to handle with babies around (JMO)...
  7. Ditto! My Mono Speedy 35 is my workhorse! She is so stylish and carries all my stuff for me! I :heart: her! Yay for Speedy's! :wlae:
  8. I use my mono speedy all the time! It's definitely my favorite LV piece.
  9. I couldn't do without my mono speedy 35. I carry her daily. Luv, luv, luv my speedy:smile: :heart:
  10. I use mine all the time too! :yes:
  11. :yes:
  12. I would use mine every weekend and not for work as I dont like the idea of bringing it around in Buses and Trains on the way to work
  13. Speedy is my favorite style!
  14. I don't use my speedy. After I bought it, I discovered that I must have shoulder bags only!!
  15. i love speedies......

    and i use them ALL THE TIME........i hardly even use my other bags.......