Will I still be able to get a rouge vif city?

  1. Hi ladies,
    I am wanting to get a rouge vif city. Problem is, I cannot get it for another two weeks (payday!) as I have purchased another bag. I have wanted and lusted after this bag for so long and now I am worried that I may not be able to track one down. Before I start calling around the shops, can anyone please let me know if they will still be available?! :drool:
  2. Oh Lucky you - gorgeous bag - sorry can't help on the store search for you but will keep everything crossed that you get one.
  3. I was on the hunt back in december and was impossible to find. As far as I know it's not available. I know balny, and aloha don't carry them. I just got lucky and found an BNWT on eBay and jumped on it. good luck to you, it's truely a beautiful color, heres mine. :yes:
  4. ^^ Gosh, Dgirl, that is truly fabulous. I could kick myself for not getting mine sooner. I should have bought it first before my MJ stam as I think I would have still been able to get the stam later. I'm going to call round selfridges and harvey nics to try my luck! xx
  5. I'm hunting this bag also
    There are two of them on eBay right now
    One for buy it now
    Another one for submit best offer
    But both are overpriced:sad:
  6. Yeah, my understanding is that the Rouge Vif City style literally FLEW out of every store which stocked it. A lot of stores (like Barneys NY) didn't even have them available (I got my Rouge Vif First there ... but they NEVER had any of the other styles). I had to buy my Rouge Vif City in Italy ... but I have yet to use it as our weather has been so crappy (rain, snow, etc.) ... I don't want to ruin the wonderful leather. Plus, I keep on eyeing the Rouge Vif Weekender :yes: :drool: (RED is my favorite color ... I also have the '05 Rouge Theatre ... but I prefer the Rouge Vif color).

    BTW ... I just sold my Rouge Vif First on eBay; started the bid way below retail and got rather burned :shame: ... the bidder got a great deal (woe :sad: is me!).
  7. D Girl, yours is gorgeous!
  8. My husband was able to find one for me at

    Susan’s (San Francisco); 415.922.3685. Maybe try calling there?
  9. There is one NEW 2007 Rouge Vermillion City on eBay right now by hgbags, I think it's gorgeous. In case, you interest ;)
  10. I got mine a few months ago on ebay, and I think it was sheer luck that I got it at the price I did US$1200 (only $5 over retail so I was happy)

    I was searching all retailers and couldnt find one... and the ones on ebay were WAY too overpriced... but luckily one popped up and I snagged it!

    If I was you, I would contact the person I got mine from lvlady99 on ebay. I have seen her selling 2-3 Rouge VIF City bags in the past and she may just be able to get her hands on one for you at a special request.

    Here is one of her auctions, you can contact her through the link in it.

    no ebay conversations or links!

    She's really nice, and will help you out if she can!

  11. I would expect to pay over retail though for this color as it seems to be so popular and is now sold out. Plus although vermillion is nice - it's orange, not red - so that makes the Rouge Vif (for those that want a true red) even more popular.
    I paid over retail for a past season bag. I think once a color sells out that's just the way it goes usually (unfortunately).
    I think that the one's that are listed high on ebay are maybe so high because international bidders (i.e. UK ladies) can get such a great deal on USA bags due the the exchange rate that's in their favor. At least that's what one seller told me.

    Good luck. It's such a beautiful color - it will be totally worth it when you find one!!
  12. Or you can wait for the new "rouge" that's coming out next season.
  13. ^^That's more of a "brick red" right? It has a touch of brown tones to it???
  14. There was one in Nordstroms Sacramento a month or two ago, maybe you can try calling?
  15. I keep on debating as to whether or not I should "move up" to the Rouge Vif Weekender (since I use the Weekenders the most). I do :heart: LOVE :heart: my Rouge Vif City (the leather is just spectacular), but I haven't even used it yet!