Will I regret trading my Square lamb Mini for a caviar WOC?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am thinking of selling my square black lamb mini which is a vintage beauty for a new caviar woc. I love my square black mini but because its lambskin it doesn't get much use because I want to protect it mostly but its a very special bag because it has a classic look, my other square mini is caviar but a lighter color. I was thinking I can replace it for a black caviar WOC because I can use it more everyday and so the bag would get way more use for its cost. I am just not sure if I will regret it? I know the WOC has issues with rubbing and even bending upwards on corners which I'm not a fan of, but I love the look of it and I feel it would be so handy to use. What would you do?
  2. If you’re thinking you’ll regret it, you probably will.:smile: I vote to keep the mini and wear it more often.
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  3. You’ll regret it. Keep it and use it on special occasions and if you have the funds, buy the caviar mini for everyday use.
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  4. Sell it. The vintage darker gold looks dated to me. Plus, you never wear it so it’s a waste just sitting in your closet. I vote to sell.

    Bags should be worn and not babied or kept in the closet.
  5. What about selling the square mini and getting a rectangular mini instead of the WOC as you expressed some concerns regarding the wear and tear of the WOC.
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  6. Vintage lamb versus new caviar?
    That is a no brainer in my book, so I think the chances of regret are high.
    Also, in my view the old lamb is sturdier, in the long run, than new caviar. It refurbishes very well.
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