Will I regret the vachetta?

  1. Most of you know I have been totally obsessing over the Lockit Horizontal in Mono. I haven't been able to buy it yet because it is out of stock everywhere! I also want to see it in person before taking the plunge! My concern is her big vachetta behind! Will I regret it?? I have the Cabas Piano and the vachetta on her bothers me. I guess it will all be fine once the patinas really darkens. I just LOVE the look of the Lockit Horizontal!!

    Opinions please!!
  2. If you can cope with the cabas piano then you will be fine with the LH.
    I am just careful where I put her down until she develops a nice patina
  3. If you're concerned just keep some baby wipes and a magic eraser. You should be fine.
  4. you can always treat the vachetta w/Apple Guard or SM and be careful it until the patina begins :yes:
  5. I've never had vachetta before my speedy, and i've found that any marks will be taken out by the magic eraser trick.. and I actually just took my speedy out while it was snowing (not heavy snowing but not light either) and nothing happened... also i always have lotion on my hands all the time and there hasn't been any darkening

    If it can hold up to that i'm sure the bottom will be fine :smile: Just be a little more careful
  6. I saw a girl carried one in a airport about 5 months ago, it's gorgeous. I think once the vachetta develops a nice patinas, then it's time you don't need to worry...
  7. I've spilled Starbucks on my Speedy and its LV contents, taken her out in the rain/snow/sleet, spilled Diet Coke on my Keepall, set my Multicolore Alma down on a public restroom floor -- and they're all okay. First of all, it's just *stuff*. Secondly, small water droplets will not do serious damage to vachetta, especially in the long run. But if you feel the need you can certainly protect a bit with AppleGarde spray. Enjoy your bag and accept the fact that it will get small blemishes -- this only adds to the character of the bag. The only worry would be resale and the fact is, lightly used LV doesn't go for much since most buyers would rather purchase new at higher prices. Have fun with your bag and don't stress!!