Will I regret selling RTT Mini Heart Tag Bracelet to get the 8mm RTT bead bracelet?

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  1. Will I regret selling RTT Mini Heart Tag Bracelet to get the 8mm RTT bead bracelet? Your thoughts please.

    Which one do you wear most if you have both?

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  2. That's such a hard decision! The mini is great if you work at a computer like I do all day, it doesn't get in the way when typing.

    The larger bracelet is more of a statement piece on its own.

    Are you selling for funds purposes or because you don't want two bracelets that are similar in design? (But obvs different sizes?)
  3. You are right. I will use the fund to buy the other one. There is a significant difference in the price!
  4. My friend has the bigger one and it makes a lovely jingle and looks very pretty! Whenever she wears it I always think it looks lovely.
    Looking forward to hearing your decision as I think its a very tough but fun choice!
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    Last edited: May 14, 2016
    I have & love both ... In fact i hv the silver and onyx 8mm and then 4 of the mini bead bracelets (2 silver, 1 onyx, 1 amazonite).
    I wear the mini's more bcuz I can stack them. I pair them w/ Alex & Ani for example or other T&Co bracelet styles. They feel very casual. I wear them w/ just about anything & anywhere.
    But I dont love the 8 mm any less, they just feel a bit dressier and I am a stay at home Mom. But i try to wear them anytime I can if I do dress a little up for dinner out or something... They look great on their own. VERY classy. While the mini, to me, is very cute.
    I think u should hv whichever u think ull wear more... Maybe keep what u hv and save up for the 8mm too. Then u can switch them out or heck, wear them together!
  6. *My 8mm doesnt hv a pendent btw. Its just the beaded bracelet. My mini's do hv pendents. I just realized the ones u are looking at are basically the same thing, just different in size
  7. Yes. It is the same design just different size. That is why I thought of letting go the smaller one if I would get the bigger beads. So hard to decide! Haha
  8. I also work in the computer all day. That's a good point raised. Not sure if the bigger beads would not be suitable for my lifestyle.
  9. I like the small bead bracelet better. I use mine for stacking. I been wanting to get the pink gold of version of that.
  10. Thanks! Still undecided.
  11. Similar to another poster, I have & love both as well.

    For the longest time, I wore both together on a daily basis.. but these days as I am in and out of the gym more often.. I find myself only wearing the mini.. if I were to choose only one, I'd say the mini beads as they stack well with everything (watch, Links bracelet, other bracelets) or on its own.. it gives off a more delicate and girly vibe!

    For what its worth, the larger beads show scratches and wear much more than the mini.. over time they don't shine as much as they did when brand now but you can get away with the mini beads much more!