Will I regret not getting a black jumbo flap before the price increase??

  1. I love flaps. But, they aren't the most practical for me as a mom with little ones, and I have talked myself out of getting one as I have my cabas in black with I love. Nevertheless, I think the black flap is such a classic maybe I should buy now, even if I will actually use it more later, because who knows how much it will cost two years from now!
  2. I think you should get it before the price increase, the jumbo is very practical does not have the double flap therefore is easier to get things in and out, BTW, I'm a MOF 4 and still practical for me...them again I love flaps:heart:
  3. I just joined the Chanel forum last month, and the first thing I read was the upcoming price increase. I freaked out and bought two classics, the jumbo flap and the GST...

    but the more I thought about them and tried them on, the more I realized that they just weren't me/my style. I in fact exchanged the jumbo for a baby cabas - I didn't care that it was last year's style, that it's still quite trendy, it's not a "timeless classic"...it makes me feel GREAT to wear it and that's what counts. It suits my lifestyle perfectly - I need roomy totes, something more casual for day.

    I am still very interested in getting classics - based on my size, I think that a medium or EW flap would work much better, and I've been eyeing the Timeless CC satchel - but to me, those bags will ALWAYS be there. And I'll be in a position to afford them no matter what the ridiculous price increases will be! There's always eBay too :yes:

    GL with your decision! It's not easy. I feel silly buying and returning so many things, but I also don't want to throw my money away on something that I don't absolutely love right now.
  4. Yeah, I think you will regret it. Get it!!!!!
  5. Exactly when is the price increase? I thought it was in November but someone else was saying September sometime.
  6. I have 3 kids and I find the jumbo to be very convenient. Its not bulky, easy to open/close, and most important, its a shoulder bag!
  7. The jumbo flap is such an easy bag to wear, easy to get in and out of, and just a classy looking bag. If you think you might be interested in it, go buy it now before the increase. The increases are getting out of control.
  8. I am a mom of 3 little ones and I got a caviar jumbo last month...it is surprisingly very practical. The leather is so durable and it is so big and roomy and the price is going to go up to $2600!! If you are ever going to want one then now is definitely the time to buy it.....
  9. Another vote in favor of getting it now. Why pay more a month or two from now?
  10. It's going to be $2600? When I bought mine, not that long ago, it was $1675 (I believe). These increases are crazy.
  11. I can tell you from experience- never considered myself a classic flap person, so when my SA called before the Feb 2007 increase I turned down the jumbo- and guess what? Ended up falling in love with it and bought it after the increase and have kicked myself ever since for not going for it then. It is such an awesome bag for so many reasons- holds a lot, is totally classic, comfortable to wear, versatile strap lengths, etc. Good luck with your descision.
  12. I love flaps in general, and the Jumbo is a great, because it holds everything I could ever need (I don't carry the kitchen sink with me haha... I often carry e/w's and medium flaps) and looks very chic with just about anything IMO. :smile: If you really love the style and are concerned about whether or not it is practical for your lifestyle, maybe you should bring the things you'd carry with you to the boutique and transfer them into the Jumbo. :tup: Also, the single flap makes it very easy to get in and out of the bag, and like others have mentioned, the bag is so comfortable!! :heart: If I were you, I'd definitely get it now before it goes up to $2600 pre tax price (ouch) if you decide that you love it! :nogood:
  13. Yes, definitely get it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup: It is a great bag! :drool: And post pics! ;)
  14. I have been laboring over the same decision. I have a Saks egc and want to use it toward a classic before the end of Sept. :smile: I think that the jumbo is alittle too large for my frame [105lbs, 4'11"], so I'll probably opt for the medium caviar classic. I have kids as well, but I don't carry a huge amount, so think I'll be okay. I agree with all of the other pfer's. Don't spend more money than you have to. These prices are insane [you could buy a piece of furniture], plus the eBay experience is getting very frightening. More fakes and smarter scammers.

    Good luck and wear your bag in good heath!
  15. I think you should get it.