Will I regret it later? Passed on Pochette Metis a second time.....

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  1. Ladies I am a bit torn. I just went in the store cause my Pochette Metis arrived, and I decided to not get it. This would be the second time I passed on this bag (I had played with it once earlier last year).

    The reason why I passed on this bag is mainly because I don't see how I will use it. I need a tote for everyday (to carry the ginormous iPad pro), and I don't go out much. I have speedy 25b which is my go to travel bag, and numerous pochettes for small bag needs. I also have a favorite mm and two other similar size monogram bags. And I also have a monceau which is very similar in size...

    My biggest problem with Pochette Metis is the middle divider. This makes the purse very difficult for me to pack anything in addition to a wallet and a phone (I don't really carry make up in my purse). And this bag can't really hold a hat or a shawl, can't carry any iPad larger than the mini, so functionally it is the same as Pochette NM and favorite mm.

    I know rationally I don't need this bag in my collection. But all the hype makes me wonder if I will regret passing it on... I know this is my emotion talking. So ladies talk me out of it!!!!!!
  2. Don't beat yourself up! It just wasn't meant to be. You tried and you didn't like it. No worries. Someone else will adopt this bag and you will find a bag that fits your needs.
  3. If you won't get use out of it, it will sit in your closet mocking you. In the meantime, you could be enjoying a different bag that will fit your needs.
  4. I think it's good you walked away instead of buying something you know won't work for you. That is being strong.

  5. Thank you ladies.... It was really hard to walk away in the store.
  6. If you turned it down twice now, your inner self is saying "no, it won't work". I have the Pochette Metis and love it, but I did the exact same thing you've done except with the regular Metis. I walked away (actually lost count of how many times I tried it on and put it down) and thought about it a couple of more times and got over it. And now the Melie is out, which in the beginning from the pictures I didn't care for it. Now, after trying it on I love it! I'm glad I walked away from the Metis. Melie is the next bag (or should be anyhow) that I'll be purchasing. I'm glad I listened to my inner self. You did the right thing.
  7. You did the right thing. If it wasn't going to be functional for you, it would have just sat in your closet.
  8. Honestly, I really don't like the style or look of the Metis. It reminds of a school messenger for me personally. I think for the price, there are other bags worth looking into that have more unique shapes like the Siena or Alma.

    If you've passed up on it, you don't really want it. I've been in your shoes and jumped on a bag because it was hyped and I regretted it and then had to take a loss to sell it...

    Get a bag that'll be useful to you. Why pay so much if you won't even use it? It's a canvas bag, therefore it is meant to be used because it can take he abuse. Find one that'll fit your needs and your iPad pro =]

    From your post, I think you're trying to talk yourself into it. If you're not convinced, don't do it.

    I have bags I just admire in my closet because they're just too beautiful to take out BUT the bags I use often are the most loved bags of my collection because i love knowing it's beautiful and serves me well =]
  9. #9 Mar 21, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2016
    I think the Pochette Metis is cute, but if you know you're not going to get much use of it, then I don't see a point of buying it. You're just being practical and rational, and there's nothing wrong with that. Save the $$ and buy something that you'll use and love in the future.
  10. Just think of it this way....If you bought it, you will feel equally as bad (if not worse) if it just sat in your closet because you have no use for it. I think you made the right decision. I do the same thing in that I don't purchase items I don't ever see myself wearing for more than one or two times.
  11. I've passed on it more than twice, if that makes you feel better..

    I don't get the hype, myself, personally... That's just me.

    I have a very hard time with small bags. My smallest (generally non-formal) is an alma bb and I wonder how women can wear them out because I cannot imagine myself without all my stuff in my everyday bag.

    I carry two cellphones, a giant makeup pochette that is stuffed with makeup for "just in case". A longchamp pouch for all my medicine (I have chronic pain so I bring all my meds in case of an attack); a big stuffed Sarah wallet.. A big hairbrush; a wooden fan; a coin purse for coins for parking; all my cards (cc, ID, etc); a small pouch of toys for my toddler (in case of tantrums outside); a pen; keys.. A power bank.. And that's it haha. No way on earth can a Pochette Metis survive all that stuff!!!! LOL!
  12. I think it's all the hype and the "hard to get-ness" that is making you second guess turning it down. Once the supplies are replenished, you'll be glad you let it go. I have it and while I think it is a beautiful and classically well made bag, I don't get that much use out of it.
  13. There are a lot of bags that are pretty to look at but not functional for individual people. I think you did the right thing.

  14. Thank you all so much ladies.... Actually after I got home I bought an excellent condition preloved mimosa neverfull mm from eBay, so now I feel much better. Granted this would be my sixth neverfull mm..... Talk about buying the same bag over and over... But I know I love my neverfull mm and I know I use this bag style everyday. It just works for me. So I am adding yet another neverfull mm to my collection instead of buying a bag based on hype... Sometimes diversity is not as important if one knows what works and what not for one.

  15. If it's not broken, don't fix it! [emoji6]
    Congrats on your NF! There are many styles I admire but that simply don't work for my lifestyle, so I always feel like it is best to be true to your personal style and what works for you.
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