Will I never shop at Bloomingdales again???

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  1. Got an email from Bloommies on Sunday a.m. 25% off all sale items! My daughter was looking for a purse so she found one --Botkier Satchel - Armor-gorgeous black Italian leather - perfect---or so we thought! With the discount it came to about half off--just for fun after her purchase I tried to add 6 to my shopping cart (was curious about the inventory status) and it added 6 just fine.
    It was still on the website the next day on 'sale' but just no extra 25% off. Tonight, (Tuesday night about 54 hours after ordering) she got an email saying her order was canceled, the item was not in stock!!

    So what's up with Bloomies??? What's the point of shopping if their entire inventory status is just one big fake!!! I will NEVER waste my time shopping there again.

    I might expect this from some shady online retailer but Bloomingdales??? They've lost me :mad::rant:
  2. They probably cancelled you because they think you are going to resell them. Why do you need 6 same purses?
  3. Actually if you reread the original post, AFTER the one purchase was made, Shappy added 6 to her cart to just see if there appeared to still be inventory, but it looks like Shappy only purchased the one.

    Cancelled orders s--k. Over the years, I've had multiple Nordstrom orders cancelled for insufficient stock, and I consider Nordstrom an excellent retailer. I've also had cancelled orders from Bloomingdales, Saks, and Anthropologie, at least.

    I think it's often because I purchased a deeply discounted, desirable low in stock item, and the item might have just gone out of stock. While I'm disappointed when I get an item cancellation, I don't get upset. I figure it can happen.

    You have every right to not shop at Bloomingale's anymore, but they do often have good sales that you might find irresistible. In those instances, you can always try to get Nordstrom to price match, assuming Nordstrom has the same item, in order to avoid Bloomingdale's. Or you could just accept this cancellation as a unfortunate, possible outcome of discount shopping online at any retailer.
  4. Ok. My bad.
  5. It could have been a technical issue or administrative error. I don't trust online inventory numbers. Inventory could span multiple computer systems that are not always in synch, and/or someone may have input inventory wrong, or someone may have disabled inventory control on that item during the window that you added it to cart if they were working on it, or multiple people could be adding it to cart at the same time, there could be damaged items removed from inventory, etc. There are a lot of ways it could go wrong.

    I don't trust that I'll get an item until it ships. They normally are not supposed to charge your card until it ships.
  6. I wanted a bag by MK tried every where to get it found it at Belk Black Friday didn't buy it put it in shop bag then Belks web went down price went up to regular from good price. several days later came up sale half price I put it in bag took my order said wait for it to ship.3 days later no thing I called they said would ship next day. no ship I called 3 days later lady said I should hear something next day they cancelled my order was I mad. I wrote Belk a letter never heard anything haven't ordered since so disappointed.
  7. Bloomingdales is known for their poor inventory online, just look at their facebook page and read the comments. If you really want the purse call CS and see if available in a store to ship and let them know your order was cancelled and you want that price.
  8. "possible outcome of discount shopping online" Excuse me, Bloomingdales is not a 'discount' retailer! You are accepting that this day in age retailers are using computer inventory control that's totally inaccurate? That the bag was still available online the next day, that's how little they care about their inventory accuracy!

    Welcome to 2014--if a retailer cares about their customers they don't have an inventory system from the dinosaur age! Inventory control is not rocket science--this is a very basic function that retailers have been using for decades. This is just an electronic version of bate and switch!
  9. Discount shopping not discount retailer

    Also this is not bait and switch, did they lore you in with a low price and have you buy something else?

    This is just bad inventory control
  10. Unfortunately this is a common problem - Anthropologie is also famous for cancelling orders due to OOS.
  11. One thing to add about Bloomies online- the price fluctuations.

    Try this: find a sale item you're interested in and monitor the price for about 10 days or so. There are usually dramatic changes.

    I bought a nanette blouse once for $70 something- the same blouse a couple days later, was $140. And then back to $70s. I would feel bad for the girl who bought it at the escalated price!
  12. Well i feel it is bait and switch. My daughter called customer service to complain and was told they have the purse in stock at a store but refused to make arrangements to ship it to her. They told her to call and make her own arrangements. She asked if they would honor the extra 25 per cent off and was told that was up to her to argue.

    So they lure u in with the extra 25 percent off but wont actually honor it.
  13. Nm
  14. Thanks for your post:smile:
  15. Does anybody have any experience on Uggs and returns at bloomingdales?

    I bought a pair of uggs and used them for like 2-3 months. I bought the classic short in black. After like 10 uses they have turned grayish with some random whitish stains. I did wear them in the snow. When i look inside the shoe, the wool is very scarce and looks like its not filled in certain areas? Will they exchange them out for the same pair? Do you think I got a crappy Pair, idk they were ridiculously expensive and scared i'm stuck with ****ty shoes :sad: