Will I look stupid with a JPG Birkin?

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  1. You all know by now that I'm elf-size. I have tried on the JPG Birkin before and obviously it's big. However, now that I have to commute every single day, I thought that the JPG might be comfortable since I can carry it over my shoulder.

    Anyway, I was also thinking that maybe I can put my laptop in it (wishful thinking but I can try). Yesterday, I tried on a 35cm parchemain togo Kelly w/ gold hardware (BEAUTIFUL beyond words :love:) and while it does fit my laptop and has the convenient shoulder strap, I think that the weight of my laptop might do harm overtime to the turnkey and single handle. Also, it bulks a bit on the side so you can't close the two straps.

    So, if a parchemain JPG Birkin w/ gold hardware comes my way, will I look stupid? I can wear heels to look taller! Also, for those with JPG Birkins, can you share your experience with the practicality? I know they're a bit heavy, but are the shoulder handles comfortable? Can you bang it easily on the corners since it's so long? Can some of you put the handles over your coat? Petites with JPG Birkins, please share your pics with you and your bag, pleaazzzzee!

    Oh, one cool thing is since parchemain is a light color and I'm anal about really darkening handles, there are less issues with the JPG Birkin if I carry it over my shoulder!

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Absolutely not, I think it would look great on you.
  3. ^^ Thanks ... Just wondering whether I'll look like I'm trying to hard carrying a JPG Birkin with my elf size!
  4. ^It's not deep enough for a laptop.
  5. La Van, if your laptop is the mini kind then you might be able to get that in the JPG but IMO the regular ones e.g. Macbook type will be too tall for the JPG's height. I'm 5'3", I always wear mine with heels, she is big so I carry her closed, propped lengthwise almost parallel to my body on my shoulder (am I making sense?),if you load her up she can be heavy....HTH
  6. My laptop is 28cm long and 20 cm tall. It probably will not fit completely and will have a bit popping at the top. Even if I don't have my laptop, it might be a convenient bag for commuting ... mmm
  7. You're about my height and size. I've tried on a JPG and it literally overwhelmed me. It was the width and weight of the bag. I've got the smallest old version iBook and I've carried it in my Birkin 30. If all things fail, Longchamp Les Pliage is pretty awesome.
  8. I am 5'3" and 105lbs. Love JPG Birkin but I do feel that I look ridiculous after trying it on a few times... this is just my own opinion for your reference...
  9. I'm not a fan of the JPG Birkin: I think it looks too big on me, and I'm 1,70m for 55 kg. Have you thought of the Victoria Fourre-Tout? You can either hand hold it or put it on your sholder, and it's also much lighter weight than the JPG to start with....I don't know about your laptop though.....I find the Victoria FT VERY practical, and it will definately look less bulky than the JPG. Just my 2 cents!
  10. .. gathering from the many feedbacks in this forum, think JPG is heavy on its own. Plus ur laptop ... er...heavy I guess.
  11. Thanks everyone! I think when I see another JPG I'll try it again and take a picture of me. This way, I have more reference than the mirror and can check if I look stupid lol!

    duna - I tried the Victoria but the handles do not sit comfortable on my shoulders and keep on sliding.
  12. Hmmm, I seriously don't think that JPG Birkin will fit a laptop since it's quite shallow. And also, the bag is already heavy by itself. Are you sure you want to carry your laptop in it? It's going to weigh tons, IMO.

    I tried a JPG Birkin on me before it is huge. I mean HUGE.
  13. I'm aware that it's huge and heavy since I've also tried it before, what I'm wondering about is whether I'll look stupid carrying such a big bag lol!

    Anyone who is small could you kindly post a pic with your JPG for reference? Sometimes it's different seeing yourself in the mirror and looking at a picture.

    ... maybe a HAC might be another option ...

  14. ^^LOL ... Nah, I don't think anyone with your height will look stupid with JPG Birkin as long as you can pull it off. KWIM?

    I agree that HAC will be a better option.
  15. La Van You Always Look Amazing...It Is A Big For Such A Little You ......But, If Anyone Can Pull It Off ~ It's You;)