Will I look ridiculous?

  1. I got my D&B large sac with twisted handles in pink and white zebra print 3 days ago and have been trying to post pics on TPF ever since, and they won't upload for some reason! it is frustrating me because I need your all's expert advice. I love the bag SOO much but it is huge. i feel like it looks silly on me if i am using it as solely a handbag and not a school bag, but I don't want to use it as a schoolbag. Here are 2 pics of models with it...I am not as skinny as the model but I am 5'4 and slender.



    so tell me, will i look ridiculous and bag lady-esque with this huge bag? even if it is completely adorable??? :sad:
  2. At least on the models the bag looks great. Can't you upload pics to a hosting site and post them here. It would be easier to see the bag on you :smile:
  3. Can you resize the pics to make them smaller? That's usually my problems with posting pics here. Good luck!
  4. I am 5'3" tall and love bigger bags. If you really love the bag, then wear it and be happy......don't worry so much about what other people think!
  5. That bag is really cute. You can try using photobucket -- it's free and when you upload pics, it gives you the web address for them. It makes it pretty easy to post pictures here.
  6. That bag in pink and white would be super cute! You'll probably get a ton of compliments on it. Last summer I got a giant green and white zebra print bag (from Coach) that I was nervous about too - but everyone loved it!:tup:
  7. I like it, but I do like huge bags. I would go for it.
  8. I have a big D&B zebra tote and I love it. If you like the way it lookes, and I do, then you won't hesitate to use it.
  9. I thought my D&B large sac was ginormous at first (like I was toting around the side of a giraffe) but after carrying it a few days I got over it. I like it because it hugs rather than stick out like a satchel.

    If you like it and it's comfortable, don't be afraid to make it your own look!
  10. That is a pretty big bag....
  11. I am 5'3" and I love big bags. I think you are self-conscious because the zebra print is "loud," but it really isn't. I think you should wear it and love it!
  12. I think big bags are great....just have a attitude when you carry it and enjoy. It is a neat bag and I think it pink it would be so beautiful.
    Have fun wearing it.
  13. Big bags are great :smile: if you are worried about it looking too big on your frame, try the smaller size. I know db has different sizes of these totes. The models in the pictures are probably 5' 10" or taller. Don't worry about what other people think. As long as you are happy with it then thats all that matters :smile:
  14. i think it's cute. i was going to get a zebra bag too, but i ended up chickening out and have regretted it ever since. go for it!
  15. I love big bags - I think you'll look great with that bag -I say go for it!