Will I like the denim stripe tote?

  1. I just bought the denim stripe tote and I am afraid I wont like it. I normally carry a watercolor demi satchel (which I Love) or the soho flap in brown leather which I also like. I have never had a two handle bag. My worry is it wont stay on my shoulder. I cant stand when one strap constantly flops down. Any advice would be much app.:yes:
  2. i have had it for months now and i LOVE it. i had the same concerns you do but i just love it. the straps do not fall off once you put some stuff in it. enjoy!
  3. I've tried on that bag & the straps haven't been an issue. I do have the satchel & it's great!
  4. I have the khaki/mahogany version and LOVE it. I'm using it today in fact. It's turned out to be one of top three faves. I've had no problem with the straps. :tup:
  5. I have to agree with everyone who posted. I too have this purse and have never had any problems wearing it on my shoulder, it just fits really comfortably. There's never any strap issues, they stay on your shoulder. It's such a great purse, I hope you like yours as much as I like mine. :yes:
  6. I love my denim stripe tote. The legacy lining just makes me happy!
  7. I love my black signature stripe reversible tote- always wear it on my shoulder..no problems. It's a great bag!
  8. ...and ahhhhh...we meet again....LOLOLOL

    I have had this purse since the beginning of June EVERY DAY and I cant say enough wonderful things about it! It's the PERFECT size, shape, etc....looks ADORABLE.....I JUST LOVE :heart: it! I have not had any problems w/ my shoulder straps falling down either, but I do remember reading a post that if that is a concern w/ any tote, cross the straps on your shoulder and it will stay put! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!