Will I know when I see it?

  1. Help!! I want to get a new Hermes bag but I can't make up my mind-
    first I was sure I wanted a Birkin (gold or black)-
    then I saw a gorgeous rouge H kelly with white stitching-
    then I saw a classic black kelly retourne-
    then I saw the most gorgeous indigo kelly-
    then I saw a navy birkin-
    then I thought I would work on my rainbow-
    should I go with classic black or should I be bold and go for rouge vif-
    paladium? gold? ruthenium? togo? fjord? box?

    Will I know when I see it? Should I just get the next one I see? Should I ban myself from eBay?
  2. I know one can go crazy thinking of all the possibilities! But my vote is for the classic. It might seem boring now but in 10 years you'll thank yourself. By classic I mean a nice black kelly or birkin with paladium or gold. Leather Togo or box. Buying a Hermes is like buying a house. You'll know when you see it! Good Luck!
  3. PS please use the authenticate thread before buying from eBay. I have read of alot of buyers being burned by eBay. Good luck!
  4. Thank you, westwoodmama! I think you are right!
  5. I was like you when I first discover H. I wanted almost every colour and leather etc. But over time, upon reading/educating/seeing/thinking/etc etc, I begin to realise I like certain colours/style more. The trick is give yourself time and space to really explore, that's half the fun. The other half of course is hunting it down when you've decided. Don't short change yourself, take your time to pick, you have a life time afterall, to appreciate H. Be it classic or not-so classic, go with your heart. There's really no right or wrong.
  6. Which is why this forum is so great. It's hard enough to find/see Birkins or Kellys in the boutiques or IRL, so its immensely useful/helpful to view the bags here in all their wonderful makes and colours. It would not replace seeing the real deal but it still goes a long way seeing it in pictures (and action pics too!)
  7. i totally agree with ms piggy. great advice!
  8. Are you near an H store? I think that makes a difference. I know when I see it IRL, it's an automatic "yes" or "no."
  9. ^ ITA! You don't know HOW many different colors, skins and handbag styles that I simply adored online and yet had a different impression IRL.

    Don't worry. You'll definitely know. Good luck!
  10. Just what I was going to post, no need anymore:p
  11. LOL! You are *too* near the store! :heart::heart:
  12. Great advice, ms piggy :flowers:.
  13. When you see it in real life you will know. There will be a *Ding ding ding* that tells you that you MUST possess it.:woohoo:
  14. Too true. DH would be better off if we moved...
  15. I think so too!:yes: