will i hv to baby tis nylon bag?

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  1. hi dearies..im a prada newbie so really really need ur helps.i dun hv any prada bags but recently i found one nylon bag tat i love.but im worried bout the durability of tis bag.ive read some of the threads bout how durable is the nylon bag but tis bag is not as thick as the other nylon.its very soft n the material is very thin.should i buy or not?is it worth it?


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  2. n ohh the color is actually dark blue..so i guess it'll be easier for me to maintain?
  3. can anyone help me identify wat type of nylon is tis?seriously need ur help coz tis bag is growing inside me but im reading mix reviews bout nylon bags :cry:
  4. I guess it is very hard to help, cause it seems to be a specific type of nylon. I googled around and found the italian term tessuto impuntu on several sites. Maybe this helps you to find out more?

    I also have a Prada nylon wallet, which I would say is kind of softer than usual nylon bags. Bought it second hand and it looked like new. By now I carry it for two weeks and it still looks like new (not a long time I know).
  5. Ohh thank u so much!will google it tmrw.been searching all over but dunno why i couldnt find it.hopefully tis will be as durable as the usual nylon coz im starting to really like the bag.will find out more before i purchased it 😊
  6. You're welcome! Good luck. Keep me posted
  7. i have a few nylon bags i use everyday, i definitely don't baby them!! i throw them around, put the on the floor *i know, don't wince* but, they're always in great shape and look just like new! if they get dirty, just use some baby wipes. if they get really dirty, i put them in the washing machine, gentle cycle, and blow dry with a hair dryer on low heat.
  8. That is a gorgeous bag!
    I love the Prada tessutos. I have several and they are indestructible. I had a tube of hand cream open in one. It went all over the bag. I simply took it to the ladies room and washed it out in the sink and it was good as new.
    I haven't seen this 'new' nylon yet, but I would hope that it is a s good as the 'old'
  9. ohh ive no luck finding any reviews or information for tis new nylon.it feels more delicate than the older nylon.still undecided to buy or not to buy till now.hmmmmm